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Checking Crew Luggage as a Commuter

Date: July 6, 2018

We continue to receive reports in the MEC office that confusion continues at various airport locations around the system regarding a suggested “requirement” for the checking of crew luggage by commuting Flight Attendants. In some instances, we’ve received specific reports that some Airport Operations personnel insist that Tumi luggage must be checked to baggage claim under the assertion that company issued luggage is too large for the bag sizers.

It is important to understand that all Tumi luggage, two wheel or four-wheeled bags, were tested at bag sizers across the system for compliance with all carry-on baggage requirements.  While we suspect this is being asserted to ensure carry-on space is available for other passengers, this is not a proper assertion. 

Flight Attendants who may experience such an event are encouraged to remind the agent that United and TUMI both tested the rollaboards and, in fact, confirmed they fit in our aircraft aisles, overhead bins, and carry-on bag sizers. You are encouraged to advocate for yourself in these circumstances. However, if the agent continues to insist you check your bag, please comply with the request and then contact your Local Council office for further assistance. 

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