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United MEC Summer Regular Meeting Begins Today, July 10 – 12, Rosemont, IL

Date: July 10, 2018

Our Summer 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council (MEC) commenced today, July 10, 2018 at the Hyatt Rosemont, 6350 N. River Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018. Your Local Council President, joined by the 15 other Local Council Presidents from around our system, addressed the business of our Union and the issues that are important to the Membership.

Following updates from the United MEC Officers, elections for various MEC Committee positions were conducted today.  The United Master Executive Council successfully elected the following individuals to various MEC Committee positions:

MEC Benefits – Vice Chairperson Occupational

Christian Hertneky, Council 11 SFO

MEC Central Schedule Committee Member

Brian Fleming, Council 11 SFO

MEC Communications Committee Member

Susannah Carr, Council 6 EWR

MEC Safety, Health & Security Vice Chairperson

Melissa Madden, Council 8 ORD

Watch for Crew Rest Policy Harmonization Details, July 12

Section 3.DD. of our JCBA will be implemented on August 1, 2018 harmonizing our crew rest policies. Watch for upcoming details in the July 12, One United publication

Layover Safety

We often consider activity onboard the aircraft when reviewing safety and security procedures, but personal safety at layover locations should also be at the forefront of safety in our work environment.  As part of this, we recommend you review the following hotel safety guidelines:

·      Do not “check-in” or post layover hotel locations on any social media network.

·      Insist that the crew sign-in sheet be kept in a secure place.

·      Try to have rooms assigned close to other crewmembers, when possible.

·      Do not mention room numbers in the presence of other hotel guests and request hotel staff not to announce your room number.

·      Prior to closing the room door, check your room with a fellow crewmember and use your suitcase to prop the door open.

·      When you are alone on the layover, you might consider requesting hotel security or other staff to escort you to your room and wait while you inspect the entire room.

·      Check closets, under beds, behind drapes and the bath. Ensure the phone is working and you can directly dial 911 or other emergency number, if needed and it’s locally available.

·      Take note of the number of fire exits, where they are located and if re-entry is possible from floor to floor.

·      Once inside the room and the door is closed, use all available door and window locks.

·      While at the layover hotel, keep personal luggage in your possession or secured at all times.  Leave valuables at home or place them in the hotel safe including your LINK.

·       Place your room key and your flashlight at your bedside and keep in mind that we stay in some areas subject to earthquakes and tornadoes.  Always review available hotel emergency procedures.

·      Verify with the front desk the identity of anyone at your room door, including room service, before allowing them inside. 

Addressing our layover safety and security is the number one priority for our United MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee. If you experience an incident that compromises your safety, be sure to document the event by visiting the forms page, located on our website. Reporting issues allows AFA to have the necessary data to address and resolve the situation as soon as possible. Remember, if necessary contact the local authorities for any assistance. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) / Professional Standards (PS)  

The Association of Flight Attendants Employee Assistance Program (AFA EAP) is a confidential, peer support resource available to Members, their families and their partners to assist with personal, as well as work-related concerns. AFA's EAP provides three distinct but interrelated services including:

1.    Assessment, support and resource referral;

2.    Advancement of professional standards through conflict resolutions; and

3.    Response to critical and/or traumatic incidents.

AFA's objective in providing these services is to enhance the health, safety and well-being of its Union family with the highest quality of peer support services available within the EAP industry.  From time to time, everyone experiences personal, family or work-related problems. Sometimes, these problems can overwhelm normal coping strategies. Support from a trained peer may prove helpful and in many cases helps to avoid company involvement. AFA EAP is a confidential resource available to all AFA Members. AFA EAP helps Members, their families and partners deal with concerns on and off the job. No one ever needs to be alone in finding solutions to their problems.

Professional Standards

Professional Standards exists as a component of this Committee to assist any Flight Attendant in any area that affects professional performance by means of a personal discussion. The individuals serving within this program have a responsibility to those submitting reports, those voluntarily seeking assistance, and those brought to the attention of Professional Standards by their peers. This Committee encourages sound and professional relationships with co- workers and with passengers.   It encourages professional deportment/demeanor of all Flight Attendants. The Professional Standards Committee is a confidential resource and does not evaluate performance, accuse or judge, punish, preach, nor threaten any Member.

Flight Attendants are expected and encouraged to go to the EAP/PS Committee to attempt resolution of a conflict through peer efforts, rather than to request action from management.

AFA EAP (800-424-2406)

When you call the AFA EAP 800 number you are contacting the AFA EAP department within the AFA International Headquarters in Washington, DC. This office is staffed by licensed and certified mental health professionals. They offer resources as well as referrals to your AFA EAP Representatives to assist Members, individually and collectively. You can reach local AFA EAP Representatives through your Local Council. Additional information including how to contact your Local EAP Representatives can be found on our website @unitedafa.org

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