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Flight Attendant Passport and Visa Surrender Procedures

Date: July 13, 2018

Included in the 2016-2021 Contract (JCBA) and implemented September, 2016, all Flight Attendants are required to carry their passports while on assignment. Flight Attendants should adhere to the following procedures when surrendering or having a lost or stolen passport. 

Flight Attendants scheduled under the pmCAL scheduling provisions should follow these procedures each time there is a need to surrender a passport for renewal and/or a visa, including when a passport is lost or stolen:

Flight Attendants will be expected to call Crew Scheduling immediately upon surrendering or losing their passport.

Crew Scheduling will then document the master schedule (CMMSME) with the following information:

a. Surrender Date

b. Surrender Reason

c. Planned Return Date

Crew Scheduling will use the following guidelines once a passport surrender has been noted in the Flight Attendant’s master schedule (CMMSME):

1.    If a Flight Attendant is given a trip which requires a passport, the Flight Attendant is expected to inform Crew Scheduling that they have surrendered their passport.

2.    Crew Scheduling should check comments in Master Schedule (CMMSME) and bypass the Flight Attendant for assignments which require passports.

3.    If a Flight Attendant does not advise Crew Scheduling of the lost or surrendered passport and does not have the above information (see #2 Procedures above) Crew Scheduling will document the Master Schedule that Flight Attendant does not have their passport and is not compliant with the procedure.  This information will then be forwarded to her/his Inflight Supervisor for follow-up.

4.    If a Reserve Flight Attendant is given an Airport Alert assignment they are required to inform Crew Scheduling if they do not have their passport.

5.    Flight Attendants who fail to inform Crew Scheduling at time of assignment or advise them and are later given a trip requiring a passport will be marked as withheld from service (WFS 476-without Pay)

Flight Attendants scheduled under the pmUAL scheduling provisions should continue to use the FAPSUR screen in Unimatic to document that they are not in possession of their passport.

NOTE:  When a passport is surrendered or lost, Flight Attendants will still be able to fly to Anchorage, Hawaii, San Juan, and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands without a passport.

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