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Additional Education Materials Now Available

Date: August 3, 2018

Additional education materials related to upcoming changes for Common Metal have been published. The Position Bidding Supplement and the Legalities Overview and Guide are now available and linked below, in Content Locker on your Link and Flying Together > One United > Reference Guides. Printed copies will be available for pickup in your base in the coming weeks.

JCBA education resources provide guidance on how to navigate upcoming systems and process changes. The most

Position Bidding Supplement

The Position Bidding Supplement explains types of pairings, pairing designators and examples of how information corresponds on the Bid / Work Position Matrices, Staffing Sheet and Responsibilities Chart.


Legalities Overview & Guide

The Legalities education materials explain contractual legalities such as RIGs, duty time and legal rest in addition to explaining changes to scheduling procedures arising from irregular operations, delays, and cancellations

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