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Declaration of White Flag for August 4, 2018

Date: August 3, 2018

As of 5:30pm CT on August 3, 2018, management has declared August 4, 2018 as a White Flag day in EWR-NTA-NLS-IAD-WTA-WLS-ORD-IAH-HTA-HOS-DEN-SFO-SFI-SLS-LAX-LAI-LLS-CLE

Flight Attendants who straight pick up a pairing from OPEN TIME after the effective time of 17:30 Central time on August 3, 2018 in the EWR, NTA, NLS, DCA, WTA, WLS, ORD, IAH, HTA, HOS, DEN, SFO, SFI, SLS, LAX, LAI, LLS and CLE  bases for trips originating on August 4, 2018, qualify for white flag compensation as provided in the Contract.

As required by the terms of the pmCAL Contract, in order to receive White Flag Pay the pick-up must be processed manually through a call to Crew Scheduling.

You must be in position and operate the pairing or, if cancelled, be reassigned for pay protection.  All out of base pick up rules apply.  Keep in mind that “White Flag Pay” is for hours actually flown.

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