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Bidding for Reserve Move-Up

Date: September 12, 2018

During the Primary bid process, in addition to lines of flying, you will have the ability to bid for Reserve schedules. When bidding for Reserve schedules, the default is for all Reserves to be added to the move-up list. As part of the bid process, you may opt out of participating in the Move-Up Line process. You may also specify up to 4 protected days in the Move-Up Line process. A protected date is a requested off day should you receive a Move-Up Line. You will not be awarded a move-up line unless the company can honor your move-up protected days. You may also indicate a preference for one of the following Reserve line types: 

1. Domestic 

2. International 

3. Domestic first, then International 

4. International first, then Domestic, or  

5. Either 

Instructions on how to bid Reserve Lines are in Chapter 2, Section H of the Bidding and Awards guide. 

The Company can begin building Move-Up Lines on the first day of the new bid month from pairings in open time and to the extent they can maintain adequate Reserve coverage. Move-Up Lines will be constructed for you, taking into account the type of line you indicated from the list above, as well as any protected days. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your protected dates cannot be accommodated, you will remain on the Move-Up list in seniority order until your protected dates can be accommodated. However, this may prevent you from receiving a Move-Up Line for the month.

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