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Block Bidding

Date: September 12, 2018

In addition to individual line bids Flight Attendants may also bid a “block bid” or submit a bid for a range of line numbers. There is no minimum, so you can block bid as few or as many lines as you want. 

After you enter a line number in the white box of the “Line” field, switch the toggle button, located in the “Block Bid” field from “NO to “YES”.

Once switched to “Yes”, a white box will appear in the “End Line” field so you can enter the ending line number of your block bid. 

Note: You can block bid in ascending or descending order. Example: When bidding for all line numbers between 0123 and 0324 in ascending order with no specific position Flight Attendants first enter 0123, then 0124, then 0125, etc.) or may block bid 123 – 324.

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