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Opting to a Higher Monthly Maximum

Date: September 12, 2018

The “Opt” area allows Flight Attendants to choose between several options for monthly maximums and will apply to the type of line you are awarded. 

Lineholder Opt

Reserve Opt

No Opt default to 95 hours

No Opt is the default (up to 100 hours)

Up to 100 hours

Up to 105 Hours

Over 100 Hours

Over 105 Hours

The monthly maximum for a Lineholder is 95 credited hours and for Reserves 100 credited hours. Both Lineholders and Reserves may opt to a mid-level opt, either 100 or 105 hours, respectively. The highest level of opting is over 100 hours for lineholders and over 105 hours for Reserves. 

While many Flight Attendants desire to opt for higher hours, maintaining 95:00 hours maximum is an option as well. If you exceed or are projected to exceed your monthly maximum, a legality code will be shown in your Master Schedule and your schedule will need to be adjusted to bring your projection down below your monthly maximum.

If you are assigned a line of flying that exceeds your monthly credited maximum, you may contact Scheduling in advance of the start of the month to have your line adjusted below your monthly maximum. 

If you choose not to have your line adjusted prior to the start of the month, you will then be required to fly your line so long as you do not exceed your monthly maximum on an actual (block) basis (95:00 or 100:00 of block time.) If you opt for the unlimited maximum, you will be expected to fly the trips in your line.

In the operation, if you are projected over your monthly actual (block) maximum hours, and dropping a pairing is necessary, your preference as to which pairing to drop will be subject to the concurrence of you and the crew scheduler. If no agreement is reached, the dropped pairing will be subject to the approval of the Crew Schedule manager. If you are scheduled over your maximum actual (block) flight time, Crew Scheduling will reassign you. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Both Lineholders and Reserves may opt at any time during the schedule month at their discretion through the Electronic Bulletin Board (refer to the Trip Trades & Adjustments Guide, when available) or by calling either FAST or Crew Scheduling.

For additional information, refer to the Legalities publication.

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