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Position Bidding

Date: September 12, 2018

When bidding a line, you have the ability to specify a bid position, which will determine where you will work on the aircraft. These positions include: International Purser (FSL), Purser (PUR), Language Qualified (LQ), galley and aisle. These positions will vary depending on the type of aircraft and market. Each bid position will carry with it all assigned duties for each aircraft, such as: which jumpseat you will occupy, what your responsibilities will be during boarding or whether you will work in the aisle or galley, etc. The Cover Letter will provide your location-specific work assignment and the bid position details for each aircraft. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are Lines of Flying and pairings with mixed equipment. Therefore, work positions associated with your bid position may not always be the same. It is important that you review Lines of Flying and corresponding pairing numbers in the bid packet closely to determine if work positions change

You also have the ability to bid a Line of Flying without specifying a specific position by selecting “any”, indicating you are willing to work whichever position is available to your seniority / qualification during the bid award process. The Cover Letter in the bid packet for your Domicile will contain the positions available to bid, depending on aircraft type.

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