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E-Lines: January 08, 2019

Date: January 8, 2019

December 13th Day of Action Updates  

As we begin 2019, we write to you today to provide you with an update on any progress that has been made in addressing the issues we highlighted during our December 13, 2018 System-wide Day of Action. Your efforts, display of solidarity and participation at our System-wide Day of Action have resulted in the successful delivery of the message to United management.   

Continuous Overnight Duty (COD) & All-Night Flying

The January schedule is in the field and we’ve seen the elimination of the COD pairings as well as the changes to pairings containing all-night flying. COD sequences that were imbedded in all night pairings have been eliminated. Segments following all-night flights have been significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

IT Issues 

There has been an acknowledgement that there are a number of IT issues that are being reviewed and prioritized for implementation. The Union & management Members of the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) are working on establishing the timeline for implementation of open items. We are looking to receive an update on that progress in short order.

Some of the IT issues involve questions on Pay. Management continues to dedicate the resources in Crew Pay to review and audit Pay Registers to ensure their compliance with the JCBA. Unfortunately, we’re learning that as changes are made to programming to fix one problem, often times the unintended consequence is an impact on another part of the program. We continue to press for these items to be improved and resolved on a high priority track.


Staffing is under review. We continue to engage in conversations on staffing with management with a particular focus on those circumstances where reduced staffing can be problematic.

Advancing the Implementation of Departure Gate Check-in

We have successfully encouraged management to advance the implementation of the elimination of the Positive Check-in process to become effective as of January 1, 2019 moving the timeline forward by several months.  On January 1, 2019 the dedicated check-in location became the departure gate.

Flight Attendant Engagement Event – Backstage 2019

We have continued our discussions regarding the 2019 Flight Attendant Engagement Event that is planned for the 24,000 United Flight Attendants. We have communicated to management the concerns that many of you have expressed regarding this event. Management has steadfastly communicated to us their commitment to this event and their view of its importance in bringing all of us from Inflight onto the same page in terms of the importance our role as Flight Attendants has to the company’s continued success.

Management has responded positively to the concerns of Flight Attendants based in Chicago and will be providing options for Hotel Rooms during the event to address their specific needs.

Efforts to ensure Flight Attendants have a clear understanding of the expectations as it pertains to the requirement to attend this event are ongoing and being addressed via FAQs and other communications.

Hotel Issues

Our ongoing concerns regarding the lack of availability of crew accommodations i.e. Hotels & Transportation,, in certain cities when irregular operations occur are being addressed as changes to the reporting structure of the Hotel & Transportation support functions are currently underway. In addition to these changes, the staffing structure of these areas is being reviewed to find ways to better meet the unexpected needs of crew members. The new reporting structure is expected to begin this and we will continue to press management to ensure Flight Attendant needs with regard to overnight accommodations are met.  

Crew Desk Issues

Changes are underway to the reporting structure for the Crew Desk. We have been in discussions with management about potential changes and we look forward to talking more with management about how these changes to bring the Crew Desk back under the “umbrella” of Inflight will improve the Flight Attendant experience during irregular operations.

767A & 767L

Our MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee in collaboration with the MEC Officers continues to press management to make adjustments to the Crew Rest areas on these two aircraft. Your reports indicate that the location of the Crew Rest areas compromise the negotiated Flight Attendant rest provisions of our Agreement. In addition, we continue to communicate to management the difficulties in providing the service our customers expect on these aircraft that have (or will have) no cross aisle to support Flight Attendant movement through the cabin that makes it possible for us to do our job well.

Expansion of Travel Agreements 

We continue to explore opportunities to expand the availability of Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements as contemplated in the language of Section 3.A.10. of our JCBA. At every opportunity we bring to management’s attention possible opportunities and pursue agreements.

Reserve Coverage Issues 

We continue to express concerns about the Reserve coverage parameters being set by the company. We find it difficult to understand how Reserve coverage requirements can exceed the number of Reserves assigned to the location. We continue to press for these parameters to more accurately reflect the needs of service for the location as a way of improving Flight Attendant flexibility through trading. 

Resumption of Dues Check off (DCO) for 2018 Annual Payers
MEC Communications Committee

As many of you will recall, 2017 was the last year where Union dues were able to be treated as a deductible business expense on Federal tax returns for those who itemized. Subsequent to the federal tax law change, a number of Members elected to pay their annual 2018 dues in 2017. Once those payments were received, the monthly dues check-off process was suspended for those individuals for the 2018 calendar year. As of February 1, 2019, Dues Check Off (DCO) will automatically be reinstated for those individuals. Dues deducted from your mid-February 2019 paycheck covers your January 2019 dues obligation.

In addition, there were approximately one hundred (100) Members who prematurely stopped their dues payments in 2017 and as a result, owe past dues. For these individuals, effective January 1, 2019, their DCOs were restarted to bring those Members’ dues current.

If you have additional questions regarding your dues obligation, please contact Membership Services at the International Office at 800 424 2401 X707.

Holiday Bonus Point Attendance Credit – Visible in Work History on January 23

Flight Attendants who met the criteria holiday during the period of December 13, 2018, through January 7, 2019, will receive one (1) Holiday Bonus Attendance point credit. Any point credit earned during this period will appear in the Flight Attendant’s CCS work history on January 23, 2019 by 19:00 CT.

Flight Attendants who, during the designated period, were on active status, who worked a flight segment or stood Reserved, and who did not incur any point generating absence qualify for the one point credit. This one point credit will offset any point generating occurrence after January 8, 2019.  Any remaining bonus point credits from previous years may also be applied in the same manner. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

Two Options for Voluntary Insurance Benefits 
MEC Benefits Committee

Flight Attendants will once again have the option to enroll in voluntary insurance programs through either of our current providers, Design Benefits or National Group Protection (NGP). Flight Attendants interested in enrolling can review the policy options on www.unitedafa.org

  • Group Voluntary (Short Term) Disability Income
  • Critical Illness with Cancer
  • Cancer Policy
  • Group Voluntary Accident Insurance
  • Group Hospital Indemnity Coverage
  • Life Insurance


Representatives from Design Benefits and National Group Protection (NGP) will be available in each domicile to answer questions and to enroll those interested in the variety of voluntary benefit plans that will be offered. The dates for the base visits for the smaller domiciles on the system are as follows:


Dates of Visit

Boston, MA(BOS)

February 10 – 12, 2019

Cleveland, OH (CLE)

February 6 – 8, 2019

Guam (GUM)

February 11 – 13, 2019

Honolulu, HI (HNL)

February 15 – 17, 2019

Las Vegas, NV (LAS)

February 19 – 21, 2019


At the following domiciles representatives will be available daily during the open enrollment period from January 28, 2019 through February 22, 2019 in the domiciles in the hub locations for the entire open enrollment period from during the hours of 5AM – 8PM daily. 


San Francisco


Los Angeles












In addition to the personalized base visits, Flight Attendants will have opportunities to enroll online and via telephone appointments.  

Situational Awareness is Top Priority During Government Shutdown  
MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

The Government shutdown has now entered its 18th day, making it the third-longest recorded shutdown. Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officers are currently required to work without pay.  This is quickly becoming a problem, and has already had a significant impact on four major airports, leading to slow TSA screening. If this continues, it will inevitably impact the security of air travel at US airports across the system. Flight Attendants are cautioned to plan accordingly, as it is possible for the TSA shortage to affect KCM point of entries. It would be prudent to plan for extended wait times in security lines. 

Additionally, Flight Attendants, as safety professionals, play an important role not only on-board the aircraft, but also on the ground. As the shut-down continues, we remind everyone that security and safety remain a top priority. Always utilize your situational awareness training and remain aware of your surroundings. And, if you see something odd or suspicious, immediately report it. 

Come out on Thursday to stand with our National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) sisters and brothers and the aviation industry to end the shutdown. Air Traffic Controllers and TSA Officers have been working without pay for almost three weeks, and this is the first week they will go without a paycheck. They are raising real concerns about our safety and security. This has a real effect on our jobs and the layers of safety and security we depend on at work. Join us in uniform on Thursday!

NATCA Rally to End the Government Shutdown  

AFA will be speaking at this rally.



Thursday, January 10, 2019


1:00 PM at rally or meet at the CWA Building by 12:30 PM to transit as a group to the rally site.


First Street NE & Constitution Avenue NE

Senate Front Plaza, Grassy Area #9


Flight Attendant uniform or AFA-CWA Red Shirt

Super Bowl is the Biggest Human Trafficking Event in the US - Recognize it! Report it!
MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee 

Each year the Super Bowl is dubbed the biggest human trafficking event in the United States as millions of party going football fans will undoubtedly flock to the upcoming event on February 3, 2019.

As Flight Attendants, we are uniquely positioned to identify human traffickers and assist their victims. Flight crews are skilled observers, and with the appropriate training, we can be the frontline against the horrific crime of trafficking. It is estimated that at least 12.3 million adults and children are enslaved around the world and that 56 percent are women and girls. Mega events like the Super Bowl are a magnet for human traffickers. Super Bowl Llll is scheduled for February 3, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

During the days leading up to and surrounding the Super Bowl we ask every Flight Attendant to be vigilant of the situations around you. Begin now by reviewing the indicators of human trafficking listed below and know how and where to report suspicious behavior.

  • Physical control of travel documents of an adult traveler by a co-traveler
  • Restricting the movement and social interaction of an adult traveler by a co-traveler
  • An adult traveler who is unclear on details of his/her final destination or point of contact
  • A child traveler who appears to be accompanied by someone claiming to be the parent or guardian who is in fact not related to the child. 

There are several ways to obtain the knowledge you need to be proactive in our fight against human trafficking:

To Learn More About Human Trafficking

Go to: 
www.dhs.gov/humantraffickingor  Take the DHS  General Awareness Training

To Report Human Trafficking* - If you suspect a case of human trafficking: 

Follow United’s reporting policy and procedure, as outlined in your Link, including using cockpit communications or other methods as part of the Blue Lightning Initiative. 

Report the details to the Captain
Ensure the term “suspected human trafficking is used when reporting to captain.  
Review appropriate Threat Level 1 Flight Attendant guide lines and actions to take when taxiing/inflight or at the gate.

Call toll-free (866) 347-2423 from anywhere in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Call (802) 872-6199 (not toll-free) from any country in the world.  Report the tip online at www.ice.gov/tips

Recognize it! Report it!

Where to Direct Your Pay Related Questions?  

Since the implementation of our JCBA, October, 2018 Flight Attendants have been dealing with a magnitude of errors and glitches, including issues concerning their pay. There are many variables that effect the way we are paid and sometimes it is difficult to decipher the simplest areas, such as, guarantee from credit. And, let’s be honest, even before the implementation Flight Attendant pay appeared to be complex at times. However, assistance is available. Flight Attendants experiencing pay related questions may contact the following pay department to resolve your concerns. 

If you have a pay-related question(s) regarding:

If you have a pay-related question(s) regarding

Paid Absence (ABS)
Military Charters (CRAF/MAC)
Death in Family (DIF)
Did not Fly DNF /ANP
Draft (DRFT)
Guarantee Reassignment (GUAR/RASN)
Holding Pay
Holiday Pay
Jury Duty
Language Pay
No Paycheck
Premium Pay
Reserve Move-up
Reserve Override
Sick Pay
Statement of Earnings Inquires
Training pay
Vacation Pay

Direct Deposit
Copies of Check Stubs
Home Mailing
Union Dues
International Pay Documents (P60-country specific)
Check Deductions
Sick Bank Audit
W2 and W4
Paycheck Errors

Flight Attendant Crew Pay Team
1-800-FLT-LINE, OPT 4/3

Corporate Payroll (HQJPZ)
877-825-3729, OPT 3


Additionally, there is an informational pay guide available on our website that was published to assist Flight Attendants in better understanding and verifying their pay.

United Fourth Quarter Earnings Live Event, January 16, 2019

At this time of the year, employees being to anticipate receipt of profit sharing checks tied to the financial performance of the company over the past year. 

Our Contractual Profit Sharing Program is set forth in Section 4.N. of our JCBA and sets forth that all Flight Attendants who have completed one full year of service as of December 31st of the year for which pre-tax earnings are being measured are eligible to participate in a pre-tax profit sharing program.

In the event the company has more than $10 million in Pre-tax earnings in the relevant calendar year (2018), the Flight Attendant Profit Sharing Pool shall be based on two components:

1.    10% of Pre-tax Earnings that are not in excess of the Pre-tax earnings for the previous calendar year, and

2.    20% of Pre-tax Earnings that are in excess of the Pre-Tax Earnings for the previous calendar year.

Eligible Flight Attendants' Profit Sharing Bonuses will be calculated on a pro rata basis as part of the Annual Profit Sharing Pool determined by the ratio of the Flight Attendant’s Considered Earnings for the previous year (see Success Sharing Plan) to the aggregate amount of Considered Earnings for all eligible employees that year.

At this point, we have a view of ¾ of our collective 2018 accomplishment. Before we can begin to look at profit sharing potential United must announce fourth quarter and full year earnings performance. Set for a tentative announcement date, of January 16, 2019.  This quarter’s Earnings Live event will take place on Wednesday, January 16, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. CT. This interactive session will follow the company’s earnings announcement and will include an update on our fourth-quarter and full-year 2018 financial results. There will also be a Q&A portion with in-person and pre-submitted employee questions.

Once United’s full year earnings have been announced the information will provide us with a full year overview of our financial earnings and profits; profit sharing information will be forthcoming. The following captures the information on the first three quarters of 2018 and the full year for 2017 to form a basis for comparison.






Pre-tax Earnings 2018

$184 million

$857 million

$1.1 billion


Net Income 2018

$147 million

$684 million

$836 million


Pre-tax Earnings 2017

$145 million

$1.3 billion

$1.0 billion

$600 million

Net Income 2017

$96 million

$818 million

$637 million

$580 million


Flight Attendants Receive Special Discount on Zappos Purchases  

United employees now have the option to purchase uniform-approved shoes and accessories at Zappos, where they will receive a special 15% discount, (20% on some approved Clark’s brand selections). Included in the discount is free two-day shipping (within the U.S. and Guam) and a 365 day return policy. 

Flight Attendants can register for the discount by visiting the Zappos site.

Visit Flying Together to learn more about the special offer.

Enter Drawing to Participate in 2018 Spring Marathons  

United employees are being offered a unique opportunity for a chance to participate in the following Spring Marathon Events; NYC Half, Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, and Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, San Francisco.

United, as the Title Sponsor and Official Airline, is offering employees the opportunity to enter into the following marathon and half marathon drawings:

  • Complimentary entry into the 2019 United Airlines Rock 'n' Roll Washington DC Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, Saturday, March 9th, 2019.
  • Guaranteed entry into the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half, Sunday, March 17th, 2019.
  • Complimentary entry into the 2019 United Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon San Francisco, Sunday, April 7th, 2019.

For additional details on each of these events, check the company’s website.







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