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New Uniform Update

Date: January 11, 2019

MEC Uniform Committee

Flight Attendants have been anticipating the release of the details of our uniform redesign. In recent days, a series of conference calls have been conducted with those who will serve as wear testers.

Our new uniforms are expected closer to the end of 2020. Flight Attendants will begin to see test garments as early as the last week of this month. Wear testing is scheduled to take place in two rounds. The first of the two rounds is scheduled for 10 weeks and the uniform items worn may not
reflect the actual colors or fit of our future uniform. The emphasis of this first round of wear testing is the fit and function of the fabric. The number of wear testers involved is intended to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, the company learns of any issues with the fabric selected and to ensure it will meet the demands of our work.  Later in the year, the second 10 week wear test will be conducted with the actual colors and fit of the selected garments.

During the wear testing time frame, the company will be post photos of the actual uniform in the final colors online and in the domiciles. During the wear test, you will see wear testers wearing black and/or navy shoes. The final decision on shoe color has not yet been determined by management.

Note: Aprons will be included as part of the testing. 

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