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Review of Deadheading Crew Boarding Procedures

Date: January 11, 2019

MEC Communications Committee

Although previously communicated, there continues to be confusion as to the standards to be applied to Flight Attendants for boarding when deadheading. 

When scheduled to deadhead:


Flight Attendants will be assigned to boarding group number one (1).


Deadheading Flight Attendants in full uniform, may pre-board the aircraft once the FAAminimum crew requirements have been met.


Deadheading Flight Attendants who are not in full uniform may board at any time during the passenger boarding process.


Flight Attendants must present their boarding pass to the agent at the time of boarding and will be allowed 2 carry-on bags and one personal item, such as a computer bag or purse.


Deadheading crew are encouraged to stow their luggage in the vicinity of their assigned seat.


Details of the Flight Attendant specific policy can be located in Shares under GG ATO BOARD.

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