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Uniform Design – Now is the time to share your view.

Date: January 18, 2019

Yesterday management released updated information on the company’s website and in the media introducing the new uniform that you will soon see in the field when wear testing begins.

Reaction to the “not final” uniform designs was swift once the pictures were posted on the company’s website and in the external press for each work group. There were a number of questions that were immediately posted in social media and via e-mail.

What perhaps may have been overlooked is the fact that the photos featured a selection of uniform items from each work group and as well as a caveat stating the pictures may not represent the final uniform program.  

Section 25 of our JCBA requires the company to provide Uniforms and details the items the company must provide at no cost to the Flight Attendant while ensuring certain components of the Flight Attendant uniform are distinctly different from the attire worn by personnel who are not Flight Attendants.  

Section 30.K. of our Contract addresses how the company and AFA will interact when a Uniform Change occurs. This language requires the involvement of the Union throughout the changeover process.  AFA is to be invited to meet with the company and will be afforded the opportunity to make recommendations.

Over the past two years, AFA and the company have met several times to review the company’s plan, to ensure the fabrics selected for the uniform meet the fit, form and functional demands of the Flight Attendant profession. AFA also ensured the language of Section 30.J. – Uniform Fire Testing was complied with and that the uniform conforms to the Federal Flammability Standards Act outlined in the JCBA.

During the meetings we have had over the past two years, the Union has made several recommendations regarding the color, fabric, uniform items and accessories. Over the course of the past two years, our working relationship with those responsible for the coordination of the Uniform change was one of mutual respect and cooperation. While we were provided opportunities to meet with Tracy Reese and representatives from Brooks Brothers throughout the re-design process to provide our input and while some of our recommendations were incorporated into the design, not all of our recommendations were accepted.  

There have been many instances where we have made recommendations to change or have spoken against various design elements of the uniform. For example, AFA has consistently spoken against the piping on the men’s uniform.  We have expressed concern about the design of some uniform items for the women. However, the company has reached a point in the process where management believes they have accomplished designs Flight Attendants will like.  While we were unable to persuade those responsible for the uniform to adopt all of our recommendations, we knew that the uniform would ultimately be presented to the Membership for their input and reaction. 

Now is your chance to let all of us know what you think of the uniform in order to bring about the change you want to see. This is the time for each of you to review the components of the uniform and to provide your personal perspective on the design features of the uniform presented. This is not the final version of the uniform and there are opportunities for change. We expect this change will occur based on your feedback. Take the time to respectfully and thoughtfully present your views via Runway. Your input is valuable in this process and you should understand there is plenty of time for the collective to effect changes that will result in a uniform that projects a professional image and that we are all proud to wear.

When Flight Attendants are involved, the end result will be a uniform that all of us will be proud to wear and that meets the rigors of our profession.

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