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End of Month Conflict (EOM)/ Month to Month Line Adjustment Process

Date: January 22, 2019

MEC Grievance Committee

End of month adjustments are necessary when a Flight Attendant’s new month schedule conflicts with the old month schedule. This happens either because trips physically overlap or the new month’s schedule creates a legality problem such that the two trips, one from the old month and one from the new month, cannot be legally flown in combination.

Section 7.E. of our JCBA provides the mechanism by which month to month line adjustments are handled. 

First – Flight Attendants will be provided a minimum period of 24 hours during which she/he may use mutual trade procedures to resolve the conflict in either the old or the new month.

Second – Flight Attendants are not subject to adjustment in a vacation month. 

Note:  Effective with the February bid month, Flight Attendants with a planned Vacation Pay Out or Vacation Fly Through will now be included in the month end adjustment process. Following the implementation of CMS, there was an automation issue that was preventing Lineholder Flight Attendants with an end of month conflict, in addition to a Vacation Fly Through or Vacation Pay Out prior to the bid, from being included in the adjustment process. Since then, a manual workaround process was being done to ensure these month end conflicts were being handled properly.  With this new update, automation will include any lines with planned Vacation Flythrough or Vacation Pay Out in the regular adjustment process.

Third – Trips and trip pairings in the old month will be flown to completion. 

Fourth – If a Flight Attendant does not resolve the month to month conflict and her/his new month line projection is reduced by three hours or more, she/he will be subject to adjustment.

Fifth – A Flight Attendant who is subject to adjustment will have the option of utilizing the self-adjustment window.

Sixth – The self-adjustment window will occur during the adjustment period.  

Section 7.E.7. - 9. outline the rules that govern all Flight Attendants self-adjustments as follows:

If the credit time difference between the inbound trip from the old month carried into the new month, and the conflicting trip(s) is greater than 3:00 you will be subject to an adjustment.

As provided for in our JCBA, adjustments will be made in this order:

1.    The value of the replacement pairing(s) will be +/- 3:00 on the days originally scheduled to work.

2.    The value of the replacement pairing(s) will be +/- 3:00 on any available day(s).

3.    The value of the replacement pairing(s) will be no more than + 5:00 on any available day(s).

There are THREE opportunities for EOM conflicts to get resolved.

1)   Flight Attendants have 24 hours after lines are awarded to attempt to fix the conflict via mutual trades if we choose.  If the Flight Attendant has not fixed the EOM conflict via Mutual trades, mutual trading will become blocked until the conflict is resolved through either the self-adjustment process or by crew scheduling. Once the conflict has been resolved, our guarantee will be reset, our line will be “unlocked” and we will be able to conduct mutual trades for the duration of the bid month.

2)   If we do not resolve your EOM conflict with a mutual trade, at 2359 Central on the 19th our conflict trip(s) will be dropped and we may use the self-adjustment process which begins at 0600 Central on the 20th. We will be given a list of solutions, involving one or more pairings, in the self-adjustment process that are pre-checked for legalities in your line. These trip(s) may also be presented in other Flight Attendant’s self-adjustment options, and will be used on a first come, first served basis. Ideally, solutions will involve trips on days we were originally scheduled to work, however if none are available, or we are not legal, any other available day(s) may be used.

The self-adjustment window opens on the 20th, we will be able to adjust our schedule by selecting “Self Adjustment” from the Schedule tab in CCS.

3)   If Flight Attendants do not utilize the first two options above to fix the EOM conflict, Crew Scheduling will resolve the conflict. We may be assigned to any legal pairing that meets the adjustment criteria on any open day in our schedule. If the Crew Scheduling cannot find a suitable pairing(s), to resolve our conflict, we could be assigned to Reserve Adjustment (RA) days on the days we were originally scheduled to fly, and then on remaining days(s) off in the new bid period, even as a Lineholder. As a Reserve, we may participate in Reserve Preferencing or contact Crew Scheduling to be assigned a trip from open time prior to Reserve Preferencing.

Note: Flight Attendants who do not want Crew Scheduling to utilize RA days for adjustment purposes should indicate “do not use” on the Adjustment Request screen under the Scheduling tab in CCS during the primary bidding process and before bids close for the bidding period.

Please see the Adjustment Overview Guidefor illustrations and more details.

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