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December 13th Day of Action Updates

Date: January 8, 2019

As we begin 2019, we write to you today to provide you with an update on any progress that has been made in addressing the issues we highlighted during our December 13, 2018 System-wide Day of Action. Your efforts, display of solidarity and participation at our System-wide Day of Action have resulted in the successful delivery of the message to United management.   

Continuous Overnight Duty (COD) & All-Night Flying

The January schedule is in the field and we’ve seen the elimination of the COD pairings as well as the changes to pairings containing all-night flying. COD sequences that were imbedded in all night pairings have been eliminated. Segments following all-night flights have been significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

IT Issues 

There has been an acknowledgement that there are a number of IT issues that are being reviewed and prioritized for implementation. The Union & management Members of the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) are working on establishing the timeline for implementation of open items. We are looking to receive an update on that progress in short order.

Some of the IT issues involve questions on Pay. Management continues to dedicate the resources in Crew Pay to review and audit Pay Registers to ensure their compliance with the JCBA. Unfortunately, we’re learning that as changes are made to programming to fix one problem, often times the unintended consequence is an impact on another part of the program. We continue to press for these items to be improved and resolved on a high priority track.


Staffing is under review. We continue to engage in conversations on staffing with management with a particular focus on those circumstances where reduced staffing can be problematic.

Advancing the Implementation of Departure Gate Check-in

We have successfully encouraged management to advance the implementation of the elimination of the Positive Check-in process to become effective as of January 1, 2019 moving the timeline forward by several months.  On January 1, 2019 the dedicated check-in location became the departure gate.

Flight Attendant Engagement Event – Backstage 2019

We have continued our discussions regarding the 2019 Flight Attendant Engagement Event that is planned for the 24,000 United Flight Attendants. We have communicated to management the concerns that many of you have expressed regarding this event. Management has steadfastly communicated to us their commitment to this event and their view of its importance in bringing all of us from Inflight onto the same page in terms of the importance our role as Flight Attendants has to the company’s continued success.

Management has responded positively to the concerns of Flight Attendants based in Chicago and will be providing options for Hotel Rooms during the event to address their specific needs.

Efforts to ensure Flight Attendants have a clear understanding of the expectations as it pertains to the requirement to attend this event are ongoing and being addressed via FAQs and other communications.

Hotel Issues

Our ongoing concerns regarding the lack of availability of crew accommodations i.e. Hotels & Transportation,, in certain cities when irregular operations occur are being addressed as changes to the reporting structure of the Hotel & Transportation support functions are currently underway. In addition to these changes, the staffing structure of these areas is being reviewed to find ways to better meet the unexpected needs of crew members. The new reporting structure is expected to begin this and we will continue to press management to ensure Flight Attendant needs with regard to overnight accommodations are met.  

Crew Desk Issues

Changes are underway to the reporting structure for the Crew Desk. We have been in discussions with management about potential changes and we look forward to talking more with management about how these changes to bring the Crew Desk back under the “umbrella” of Inflight will improve the Flight Attendant experience during irregular operations.

767A & 767L

Our MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee in collaboration with the MEC Officers continues to press management to make adjustments to the Crew Rest areas on these two aircraft. Your reports indicate that the location of the Crew Rest areas compromise the negotiated Flight Attendant rest provisions of our Agreement. In addition, we continue to communicate to management the difficulties in providing the service our customers expect on these aircraft that have (or will have) no cross aisle to support Flight Attendant movement through the cabin that makes it possible for us to do our job well.

Expansion of Travel Agreements 

We continue to explore opportunities to expand the availability of Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreements as contemplated in the language of Section 3.A.10. of our JCBA. At every opportunity we bring to management’s attention possible opportunities and pursue agreements.

Reserve Coverage Issues 

We continue to express concerns about the Reserve coverage parameters being set by the company. We find it difficult to understand how Reserve coverage requirements can exceed the number of Reserves assigned to the location. We continue to press for these parameters to more accurately reflect the needs of service for the location as a way of improving Flight Attendant flexibility through trading. 

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