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Situational Awareness is Top Priority During Government Shutdown

Date: January 8, 2019

 MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

The Government shutdown has now entered its 18th day, making it the third-longest recorded shutdown. Hundreds of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officers are currently required to work without pay.  This is quickly becoming a problem, and has already had a significant impact on four major airports, leading to slow TSA screening. If this continues, it will inevitably impact the security of air travel at US airports across the system. Flight Attendants are cautioned to plan accordingly, as it is possible for the TSA shortage to affect KCM point of entries. It would be prudent to plan for extended wait times in security lines. 

Additionally, Flight Attendants, as safety professionals, play an important role not only on-board the aircraft, but also on the ground. As the shut-down continues, we remind everyone that security and safety remain a top priority. Always utilize your situational awareness training and remain aware of your surroundings. And, if you see something odd or suspicious, immediately report it. 

Come out on Thursday to stand with our National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) sisters and brothers and the aviation industry to end the shutdown. Air Traffic Controllers and TSA Officers have been working without pay for almost three weeks, and this is the first week they will go without a paycheck. They are raising real concerns about our safety and security. This has a real effect on our jobs and the layers of safety and security we depend on at work. Join us in uniform on Thursday!

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