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Where to Direct Your Pay Related Questions?

Date: January 8, 2019

Since the implementation of our JCBA, October, 2018 Flight Attendants have been dealing with a magnitude of errors and glitches, including issues concerning their pay. There are many variables that effect the way we are paid and sometimes it is difficult to decipher the simplest areas, such as, guarantee from credit. And, let’s be honest, even before the implementation Flight Attendant pay appeared to be complex at times. However, assistance is available. Flight Attendants experiencing pay related questions may contact the following pay department to resolve your concerns. 

If you have a pay-related question(s) regarding:

If you have a pay-related question(s) regarding

Paid Absence (ABS)
Military Charters (CRAF/MAC)
Death in Family (DIF)
Did not Fly DNF /ANP
Draft (DRFT)
Guarantee Reassignment (GUAR/RASN)
Holding Pay
Holiday Pay
Jury Duty
Language Pay
No Paycheck
Premium Pay
Reserve Move-up
Reserve Override
Sick Pay
Statement of Earnings Inquires
Training pay
Vacation Pay

Direct Deposit
Copies of Check Stubs
Home Mailing
Union Dues
International Pay Documents (P60-country specific)
Check Deductions
Sick Bank Audit
W2 and W4
Paycheck Errors

Flight Attendant Crew Pay Team
1-800-FLT-LINE, OPT 4/3

Corporate Payroll (HQJPZ)
877-825-3729, OPT 3


Additionally, there is an informational pay guide available on our website that was published to assist Flight Attendants in better understanding and verifying their pay.

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