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Commuter Program also Applies to Surface Transportation

Date: October 2, 2019

Section 28 of our Contract offers Flight Attendants who commute by air certain contractual protections provided we meet the obligations outlined under this provision. In addition, this same protection is available for Flight Attendants who commute via automobile, train, bus or public transportation. When a Flight Attendant is unable to report for a scheduled assignment due to any of the following unforeseen circumstances, she/he should immediately contact the Inflight Duty Office at their local domicile to begin positive notification of their delay and qualification for protection under the Commuter Policy. 

1. Un-forecast severe weather conditions or other natural disasters (i.e., blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other similar events)

2. Hazardous or impassable roads resulting from severe weather, accidents, or natural disasters

3. Mechanical problems while on the way to work

4. Unexpected airport disruption(s) or closures

The contractual language provided in Section 28.B.4.a. states the following:

Flight Attendants who commute by automobile, bus, train, or public surface transportation will be afforded the same privileges contained in this section for unforeseen events related to sever  unforecasted weather conditions or natural disasters which render roads hazardous or impassable, or enroute mechanical problems, provided that they call their Inflight Duty Office as soon as the unforeseen event becomes known and it appears she/he will not make it to the airport or at her/his Domicile in time for her/his scheduled report (e.g., road accident, mechanical breakdown, severe weather). Flight Attendants are expected to exercise prudent judgement and planning regarding checking, flight availability, forecast weather, traffic reports, and otherwise generally “planning ahead” to avoid commuting problems. 

Additionally, Flight Attendants who commute by air are encouraged to review the Commuter Program and to become familiar with the requirements of Section 28 that pertain to air travel.   If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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