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Benefits Open Enrollment Begins Next Week - October 7, 2019

Date: October 5, 2019

October 7, 2019 begins our Annual Benefits open enrollment for 2020. Employees have the opportunity to review their current coverage and prepare for any elections or changes to these benefits for the upcoming year. Our Benefits are a negotiated part of our Contract.

We are receiving questions from a number of you regarding the increase in the HMO cost sharing. Section 29.B.4.c.(2). Provides for any HMO that was offered to subsidiary United Flight Attendants in 2016 (including an HMO that is a Select Regional Medical Plan under this Agreement), the cost share for all Flight Attendants under this Agreement shall be as follows:

Plan Year

Cost Share

2017 Plan Year

90% company/10% Flight Attendant

2018 Plan Year

87.5% company/12.5% Flight Attendant

2019 Plan Year

85% company/15% Flight Attendant

For the 2020 plan year and later, these phased in cost share provisions no longer apply and any HMO that is not a Select Regional Medical plan shall be considered an Optional Medical Plan under this Agreement.   Also, Section 29.B.4.d. provides that Annual Medical Cost increase limitation of 9.25% shall not apply for the 2018, 2019 & 2020 plan year for any HMO subject to the transitional HMO Cost share.  For this reason, HMO costs may, in fact, be higher than the 9.25% limitation.

To review your options, visit Flying Together, click Health & Benefits (YBR) under the Employee Services tab and click on the interactive tiles to learn more about coverage options and changes to the current program that may affect you. 

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