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Reminder CBD Oil is a Hazard to Continued Employment

Date: October 8, 2019

EAP/Professional Standards

Earlier this year our EAP Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) noted the hazards of CBD oil. We remind Flight Attendants that the production of CBD oil is unregulated. Therefore, any claims that you will not test positive may be unfounded. 

Understand that any Flight Attendant who tests positive for marijuana (THC) is deemed by the Company to be a test violator. There are no allowances for medicinal usage, nor for claims of accidental ingestion via second-hand smoke, or for unknowingly eating something that had marijuana as an ingredient.

The same holds true for Flight Attendants who claim that they tested positive because of the use of CBD. The company is unwavering in its drug policy. Therefore, we caution all Flight Attendants to take the necessary precautions, so that they will never find themselves on the wrong side of an unwelcome test result.   

Additionally, as many terminated Flight Attendants and safety sensitive employees can testify; the use of CBD may be hazardous to your continued employment. 

For additional information, contact your Local EAP/FADAP representatives at afacwa.org or by calling 800-424-2406. 

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