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Three Distinct Types of Reassignment per JCBA Section 7.Q.

Date: October 15, 2019

Our Contract provides for three distinct types of reassignment scenarios and each of the three have unique parameters that must be followed.

1. Notice on the same calendar day as departure of the pairing. (On the first day of a pairing before leaving the base) Section 7.Q.1.

2. Notice of one or more calendar day. (Discontinuation of Service after schedules have been awarded.) Section 7.Q.3.

3. Reassignments after leaving the base. (Downline reassignments) Section 7.Q.5.

Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that the Contract under which we work is enforced.  Successful enforcement is directly tied to our familiarity with the written provisions of each Section of the Contact.  The reassignment language in our Contract is industry leading and each of us must be familiar with not only how it is applied but also which provisions of the Contract we are being reassigned.

For example, reassignments when notice is provided on the same day as departure (Section 7.Q.1) establishes company has four hours to provide either a reassignment or a release with pay. If given a replacement pairing, a hotel room will be provided at the base for reassignments leaving the next day.

Section 7.Q.3. Notice of one or more calendar day provides the company with the option of advising the Flight Attendant of a replacement pairing or relieving her/him of responsibility.  If the company does not provide a reassignment or relieve the Flight Attendant of her/his responsibility, she/he is provided options to either make up time on days not originally scheduled with an adjustment to her/his line guarantee, make up time as close as possible to the time lost on days originally scheduled to fly with no loss of pay, or be subject to reassignment as provided in paragraphs 7.3.c.1. & 2.

Reassignments under Section Q.1.,2., & 3. must comply with the protections outlined in Section 7.Q.4. including the Reassignment Pay parameters and day-off protections.

The third type, Reassignments which occur after leaving the base, Section 7.Q.5 covers the parameters for downline reassignments and includes day-off protection parameters, reassignment pay parameters and more.

All downline reassignments must comply with the parameters outlined in the Downline Reassignment of Flight Attendants Settlement which requires, in brief:

Crew Scheduling will always attempt to provide a complete reassignment upon initial contact.

When not possible to complete the reassignment and where the only reassignment at the time is to return the Flight Attendant to her/his base, Crew Scheduling may, at its option, assign the Flight Attendant as follows:

1. Not later than the actual arrival (block-in) of the re-scheduled flight to Base, Crew Scheduling may update the existing pairing to include additional flying;

2. If such flying is within the same duty period, it must comply with the terms of Sections 6.S., 6.T., or 6.U., as applicable;

3. If such flying is outside the current duty period, the Flight Attendant must:

a.     Have appropriate layover rest consistent with the terms of Section 6.V.3. or 6.W.1., as applicable, between duty periods; and

b.     Be provided a hotel room for any layovers that occur at her/his base.

Reassignments made when returning the Flight Attendant to base must be accomplished through the modification of the Flight Attendant’s existing pairing in order to maintain continuous per diem and time away from base calculations based on the original report time for that pairing.

Should you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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