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FlightPAC – Our Power to Influence on the Hill

Date: October 25, 2019

The power of our Union comes from the support of its Members. Our Government Affairs committee ensures our Flight Attendants, and our industry, are represented in Washington D.C.

FlightPAC is the Association of Flight Attendants Political Action Committee (PAC). Through voluntary contributions from eligible AFA members, FlightPAC gives support to candidates to federal office who are committed to helping improve Flight Attendant safety, security and health. FlightPAC contributions have supported us on issues such as being including in the Family Medical Leave Act, protecting our jobs supporting the Open Skies Act, keeping knives off planes, and most recently, passing the FAA Reauthorization bill including 10 hours of minimum rest.

The potential for positive impact in Washington can be greatly hindered without the financial support from our Members. Your monthly Union dues cannot be used to lobby or support political candidates, so we rely completely on the voluntary contributions of Flight Attendants, Members like you! Last spring we hosted a FlightPAC drive that increased our annual contributions by 33%. This was a huge success and we’ll be working hard to increase that percentage participation even more. We need your help. Flight Attendants interested in making a contribution can Click Here to support FLIGHTPAC.

For more information of FlightPAC visit our Government Affairs page on UnitedAFA.org.

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