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Make-Up Sick Leave

Date: October 25, 2019

Section 13.A.6. 

Our Contract contains provisions, very important income protection provisions, for Sick and Occupational Injury banks. These banks accrue during the course of each quarter provided we meet the necessary metrics for full or partial accrual.  Recognizing the value of these bank hours, AFA also negotiated for Flight Attendants to have the ability to select whether sick absences will be paid or unpaid through the provisions to make up sick leave.

One way to make up sick leave is by advising Payroll you do not wish to be paid for a particular pairing for which you are not well enough to fly. To accomplish this, via Help

Hub, enter “Make-up sick” in the search field. In response, fill out the short form requesting that you not be paid for the sick call. This form must be submitted no later than the last day of the bid month in which the instance of sick leave occurred via Help Hub. 

The timing of when this form is submitted is important and has the potential to impact the pay received for the month in which the sick call occurred. Sick leave coded as paid as of the 20th of the month, will be included as part of the calculation to determine the value of the 1st of the month advance check. If you elect not to be paid, requests received after the flight pay advance checks have been calculated (to included absences prior to the 20th) will potentially reduce your mid- month pay advance in the subsequent pay period.

In addition to not being paid for a pairing, a Flight Attendant may also elect to pick up a pairing on one of the days for which she/he has called in sick (except the first day). In order to accomplish this, she/he must first call FAST to call OFF sick leave and then must contact Crew Scheduling to have the sick leave coding removed from the line of flying in order to be able to pick up a trip on those days.

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