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United MEC Acts to Return Our Official AFA Pin White

Date: October 25, 2019

Our Union pin is a symbol of solidarity and while all the various ways we show strength and unity are important, wearing our AFA pin shows everyone, in the simplest and most direct way that we stand together as one group of Flight Attendants.  Our power lies in our solidarity as a unified group of Flight Attendants having common interests and priorities.

During the course of our rich history as the Flight Attendants’ Union, the official AFA pin has been modified to reflect the various priorities for which we have consistently stood together in solidarity. Most recently, the official AFA pin was turned red in an effort to clearly communicate to management that we were dissatisfied with the course of events related to the implementation of our Contract. While some of the items for which our pin was turned red to symbolize the fact that we were ‘turning up the heat’ on management, many of those items have been addressed by management.

In order to preserve the efficacy of the change in color of our Union pin to red during bargaining, at the Fall 2019 Regular Meeting, the United Master Executive Council unanimously acted to return our official AFA pin to the white AFA pin.

White AFA pins will be available from your Local AFA Council or at the table in your domicile. All in!   Wear the pin.

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