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Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures

Date: October 30, 2019

AFA Employee Assistance Program

Earlier this year your AFA Employee Assistance/Professional Standards Committee 
published detailed information concerning the Department of Transportation (DOT) federally mandated Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures. 

These procedures allow for unannounced and random testing for all Flight Attendants. In addition to DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Flight Attendants can also be subject to company drug testing. Flight Attendants based in both domestic and international bases are subject to Drug and Alcohol testing depending on the type of test being administered. We strongly encourage all Flight Attendants to review the publication to increase your understanding. Additional information and details on Drug and Alcohol Testing can be accessed from the EAP/ Professional Standards pageon our website at www.unitedafa.org or the FADAP.org.

Note: There is no limitation as to the number of times Flight Attendants can be tested there is also no limitation on the number of times the pay provisions of Section 4.F., 
Drug and Alcohol Testing Pay will be applied. 

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