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Reminder - Effective October 30, 2019 - Reserve Block-In via CCS

Date: October 30, 2019

Section 8.I.3.b.

Reserve Flight Attendants will have the ability to block in electronically via CCS, effective October 30, 2019 at 2345CT, and will not have to call the crew desk to do so.

Section 8.I.3.b. provides for the following:

A Reserve who returns to the home Domicile at the end of a pairing, or who completes a Standby Reserve assignment shall immediately contact the crew scheduler by phone or electronic means. Crew scheduling will advise the Reserve the her/his status will be one of the following:

1)  The Reserve’s legal rest will commence as specified in Section 6.R.9. or 6.R.10.b.

2)  The Reserve will be given a second assignment within the same duty period to avoid drafting, or

3)  The Reserve will be assigned in accordance with time accrued order and legal rest provisions to a pairing departing within fifteen (15) hours.

The new Reserve Block in screen will electronically provide this functionality and will advise the Reserve of her/his status. In addition, there will be an indicator of your master schedule which will reflect your block in status. 

There has been a significant amount of testing and a number of delays in the implementation of this system. Decisions to delay the implementation were not easy decisions to make.  However, these decisions were made to ensure the best level of success when implementing this new system. As with all new technology, unanticipated issues may arise. For this reason, we encourage you to take screen shots to capture any change to your status: released, reassigned and keep these for your personal records to ensure any technical issue are quickly mitigated in your favor.

To be clear, if you are blocking in prior to 2345 CT on October 30, 2019, you must call Crew Scheduling directly to complete the block in process. After 2345 on October 30, 2019, you will be able to block in via the Reserve Block In screen in CCS.

Review the Reserve Block in via CCS guide on Flying Together. 

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