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Hotel Accommodation Requirements in Delay Situations

Date: November 15, 2019

MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee 

While delays are always a possibility in our line of work, unexpected and early winter weather conditions have the potential of increasing the likelihood of creating circumstances where the company is obligated to provide accommodations during an extended delay.

Section 5.B. of our Contract requires:

The company shall furnish comfortable and adequate single occupancy hotel rooms in a suitable location for Flight Attendant as selected in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph B.2. when,

a. Scheduled at a layover station in excess of four (4) hours.

b.  Delayed at a layover station for four (4) hours or more from the time the delay is known; or after reporting for duty at the home Domicile there is a delay for four (4) or more hours from the time the delay is known.

A common misconception about the requirements of this Section of our Contract is how it applies to either an early arrival or a rolling delay resulting in a four (4) hour or greater window. To be clear, an early flight arrival that extends the original sit time to four (4) hours does not meet the contractual parameters for a required hotel room. The same applies to a known delay of less than four (4) hours, regardless of scheduled sit time unless that sit time originally scheduled is in excess of four (4) hours. Unless at the time the delay is posted, the delay is four (4) hours or greater, hotel accommodations are not required.

For additional information regarding when hotel accommodations should be provided review the following June 23, 2018 E-Lines publication  or contact your Local Council Representatives.

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