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Releasing Sick Leave Pairings Prior to Eight (8) Hours Before Departure

Date: November 20, 2019

When a Flight Attendant calls on sick leave for a trip pairing, the Company will put that assignment into open time in accordance with Section 7.G.1. of our Contract. If a Lineholder, the Company may not put subsequent trip pairings in the Lineholder’s schedule into open time earlier than eight (8) hours prior to the scheduled departure, except when the Lineholder has advised the Company that she/he will be on sick leave for a longer period of time. 

We want to take a minute to remind everyone that it is possible to release sick leave trips earlier than eight hours prior to departure.To accomplish this, call the Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST) to advise them you expect to be out beyond a specific date and ask them to release the trips.However, if there is a possibility you may return to fly your pairing, you are under no obligation to call to release the pairings early.

On another subject related to sick leave trips, we are becoming aware that with increasing frequency, Flight Attendants are attempting to pick up or persuade scheduling to remove pairings from sick leave prior to eight (8) hours before departure.In some cases, we have examples where individual Flight Attendants have successfully picked up a pairing from a flying partner who is on sick leave without her/his knowledge. Under no circumstances, in the absence of permission of the person on sick leave, should anyone ever remove a pairing from the line of a flying partner.Doing so results in a loss of income for the Flight Attendant on sick leave at a time when she/he can least afford to experience the income loss because the trip will not be paid through our Contractual sick leave process when the pairing comes off the line and drops into open time.

If you have additional questions on sick leave, releasing sick leave pairings or picking up pairings that are on sick leave, please contact your Local Council office.

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