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E-Lines: December 03, 2019

Date: December 3, 2019

Month-End Adjustment to be -3:00/+5:00

One United, November 26, 2019

Effective December 5, 2019, the month-end conflict provision of Section 7.E.7.c. will be implemented, allowing self-adjustments with values between -3:00 and +5:00 hours. Adjustments following the January bid awards will be the first time this provision will be utilized.

 Due to system limitations, self and auto-adjustments for month-end conflicts have been limited to the

-3:00/+3:00 provisions of Section 7.E.7.a. and b. This meant that in the event you bid into an end-of-month conflict and were not able to resolve it through mutual trades, the system would drop the conflict pairing.  Once the pairing was dropped, you were able to make up the time lost by participating in the self-adjustment or auto-adjustment processes.  The self-adjustment process provided you the opportunity to select pairings with values that were between -3:00 hours to +3:00 hours from your original line value. 

Beginning this month, the system will still look to display solutions based on the above parameters first when attempting a self-adjustment. However, if there are no options, it will then look for solutions which fall between -3:00 to +5:00 hours from your original line value. The self-adjustment screens have been updated to reflect these parameters. 

When you initially access the self-adjustment screen in CCS, it appears as shown below.  It will display solutions with values between -3:00 to +3:00 hours from your original line value.  The screen has been enhanced to now show the “-3” and “+3” parameters next to the minimum and maximum hours needed for the adjustment. Any solutions that meet those parameters will be listed and available:

If there are no solutions meeting those parameters, it will display solutions which have a difference between -3:00 to +5:00  hours from your original line value. The screen has been updated to reflect the parameters of the available solutions, as shown below:


If there are no pairings that meet the required parameters during the self-adjustment window, no pairings will be listed. Your line will then be subject to an auto-adjustment. This same process will be utilized for the auto-adjustment process.

All other rules related to month to month line adjustments still apply. For additional details about month to month line adjustments, please review the Trip Trades and Adjustments Guide  on Flying Together. 

You can read more about the recent One United  update on Flying Together. For more information regarding, End of Month Self Adjustment contact your Local Council Representative.

Reserve Christmas Wish List now Open
MEC Reserve Committee

Section 8.H.8.c

Reserve Christmas Wish List (CWL) is a Reserve assignment procedure that is provided for in Section 8.H.8.c. of our Contract. At Christmas, for the three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following the holiday, Reserve Flight Attendants may indicate their choice of up to four (4) layover stations where they wish to be on the holiday. If legal and available, requests will be awarded in Inflight seniority order. Access Reserve Christmas Wish List in one of three ways: 

1.     Via www.unitedafa.org/wishlist,

2.     Via CCS under the Reserve tab or

3.     Via the Quick Links section of Inflight Services webpage.

Some important points to remember when entering CWL requests:

  •  The CWL system officially opened on December 1st, 2019. Any layover preferences input prior to that date must be re-entered in order to be considered for the 2019 CWL period.
  • CWL preferences may only be entered via the online portal. Requests will not be accepted over the telephone by contacting scheduling.
  • Only one (1) CWL request may be granted per Flight Attendant during the CWL period.
  • CWL requests will be considered and granted within each of the following sub-bases as applicable: Regular Reserve (FA), International Purser Reserve (FM-L) and each Language Qualified Reserve group (LS).
  • Requested assignments that require a Flight Attendant to “opt” will be granted, and the Flight Attendant will be automatically opted for the balance of the month.
  • Flight Attendants will not be deadheaded to other bases in order to grant their wish.
  • Reserves assigned as part of CWL shall be released to check-in and shall not be subject to displacement from the pairing by a Lineholder, consistent with Section 8.D.11. of the Contract.
  •   Assignments made to Ready and Standby Reserves will not consider CWL layover requests.
  • Preferences may be altered at any time up until the deadline for each day (see below schedule). Only the latest request/update made prior to each deadline will be considered. 

Prior to the Reserve assignment process for:

Requests need to be input by:

22 December

0600 HDT on 21 December

23 December

0600 HDT on 22 December

24 December

0600 HDT on 23 December

25 December

0600 HDT on 24 December

26 December

0600 HDT on 25 December

27 December

0600 HDT on 26 December

If you have additional questions, please review the full article on our website.

First Trimester CQ 2020 CBT Requirement Now Available

December 1, 2019 officially marks the beginning of the 2020 CQ year. The company announced on November 6, 2019 that the CQ program would be changing for the 2020 year. Changes would include Computer Based Training (CBT) modules broken up and assigned into 3 trimesters throughout the year. The CBT modules must be completed by the specified dates in each of the three trimesters.

The CBT with a due date during the first trimester is now open for completion and will be available until January 29, 2020 at 2359 CT. This CBT session is anticipated to take approximately three (3) hours to complete. As per our Contract, Section 11.B.2, Flight Attendants will be compensated at one (1:00) hour flight time credit for every three (3:00) hours, prorated. In no case shall a Flight Attendant receive less than one-hour (1:00) flight time pay and credit.

We strongly suggest taking a picture or a screen shot of your in process or completed CBT. In the event of a technical issue, during or after completion, this will stand as verification of the completed work.

Review information on the changes to the CQ 2020 Program, or CQ 2020 Guide at UnitedAFA.org and Flying Together. Additional questions should be directed to your Local Council.

December 5 Vacation Instant Trades with Open Time
MEC Central Schedule Committee

Instant vacation trades open on December 5, 2019 for the 2020 vacation year.

Requests for these vacation trades must be submitted thirty (30) days before the 1 day of the earliest bid month involved in the trade except that January vacation days may be traded as late as December 9, 2019.

The Company shall award these trades in the order in which requests are received.

To submit an “Instant OT Trade”, from the “myVacation” page in the “Scheduled Vacation” section, select the drop-down arrow to expand the vacation period that you want to trade. Select “Instant OT Trade” to begin the trade request and the “Instant Open Time Trade” page will be displayed. The “Instant OT Trade” option is only visible while the trading window is open. (If a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant trade request is already in progress or the vacation has a fly through the “Instant OT Trade” button will not be visible).

A confirmation page is displayed indicating that the request has been submitted successfully. It is recommended that you print a copy for your records. To print, from the “File” menu select the “Print” option. You can also print by right-clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting “Print” from the menu options

The “Instant Open Time Trade” page will allow you to make your selections. The chart below explains all the fields in the “To Trade Away” section”. After entering your options, select “Request Trade”.

Field Name



The start date of the vacation that you want to trade away

Number of Days to Trade

The number of days to be traded away

Requested Start Date

The single choice for desired vacation in MM/DD/YYYY format

Number of Days Requested

The number of days requested

Viewing Instant Open Time Trades:
From the “myVacation” page, Flight Attendants can view all Instant Open Time Trade Requests by selecting “To view Instant Open Time Trade Request”. The status field under “My Current Instant Open Trade Request” will indicate whether the trade request was “Awarded” or “Denied”.

For additional information, reference the
2020 vacation guide available on unitedafa.org.

Satellite Base Transfer Requests Due by December 6 at 0800 CT
Central Schedule Committee

Flight Attendants interested in requesting a transfer to one of the recently announced satellite bases (AUS, FLL & TPA) have until the award date Friday, December 6, 2019 by 0800 CT.

Additional information can be found in the Satellite Base Guides at the following links:

Satellite Bases: Frequently asked questions

Transfer & Moving Policy

E-Lines Waiver of Transfer Inhibits for Satellite Bases 

RX Designator Code in Flight Attendant Schedule
MEC Grievance Committee

A variety of CCS Codes are used by the company to note changes or “place hold” information in a Flight Attendant’s schedule.   For example, RX in a Master Schedule is a frequently utilized code when updating a Flight Attendant’s schedule which indicates the Flight Attendant may be subject to reassignment on those days. 

It is also used when a Reserve is assigned a trip and it cancels at which point Reserve days are then added back into their line and indicated by RX. 

A comprehensive list of CCS codes seen on our Master Schedule is available from the company’s website, unitedafa.org and in the Pay Guide. This list includes the short and full description of the codes as well as the locations within CCS where the code is visible. 

The Master List of Codes is available on our website, unitedafa.org, in Content Locker on your Link and on Flying Together > One United > Reference Guides. Additional Pay Register Codes can be found in the back section of the Pay Guide.

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