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Flight Attendant Instant Vacation Trades with Open Time Opened December 5

Date: December 10, 2019

MEC Central Schedule Committee

The remaining vacation allocations were posted as of December 4, 2019 and instant vacation trading opened on December 5, 2019 at 8:00 AM Local Domicile Time (LDT).


The instant vacation trade window will remain open throughout the balance of the 2020 schedule year. If you wish to trade for an open vacation period(s) you will need to submit a vacation trade with open time request. The latest the trade request must be submitted thirty (30) days before the earliest calendar month involved in the trade.


Vacation trades with open time are “instant” trades. Once entered, they are either accepted or rejected. Once processed, these trade requests do not remain on file for further consideration. If you wish for any request to be considered at a later time, you must re-enter the trade.

Flight Attendants wishing to trade with open time for a vacation period that is not currently available must continue to check the allocation matrix because the following circumstances can affect available vacation days.

  • Any vacation days awarded, that are vacated later (e.g. separation from company, retirement, etc.)  will be added to the allocations. 
  •  If a Flight Attendant trades down to fewer vacation days with another Flight Attendant or for open vacation days, any surplus of unused days will be added to the allocations for use by another Flight Attendant.

Additional information regarding Instant Vacation Trade with Open Time option is available for review in the 2020 Vacation Guide. 

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