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E-Lines: December 13, 2019

Date: December 13, 2019

Welcome New Hire Class 1925
MEC Communications Committee

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, AFA welcomed the 81 graduating Members of class 1925 to the line. Our newest flying partners will be reporting to their respective bases at SFO, ORD, IAD, DEN, and IAH on December 18, 2019 for orientation and will be available to fly on December 20, 2019. Please join us in welcoming the newest Members of our Flight Attendant community.


AFA Negotiations Listening Tour Starts in January  

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement is amendable as of August 28, 2021. There is much work to be done in preparation for these Negotiations and we are excited by the opportunity to negotiate our first Contract following our JCBA. We expect to begin negotiations in August of 2020. 

Beginning in January 2020, our Negotiations Committee will be traveling the system to meet with Flight Attendants at each base and satellite to listen to you in order to obtain information on your bargaining priorities. The following is the schedule of the base & satellite visits planned by the Negotiations Committee in order for you to have some idea while bidding for your January schedule. Keep in mind that you may attend any of these sessions at your base or another base.


January 20, 2020

1200 – 1500

Hyatt Regency Dulles

703 – 713 - 1234



January 21, 2020

1200 – 1500

Westin O’Hare

847 – 698 - 6000


January 22, 2020

1200 – 1500

Sheraton CLE Airport

216 – 267 - 1500


January 23, 2020

1200 – 1500

DoubleTree EWR Airport

973 – 690 – 5500



January 24, 2020

1200 - 1500

Hilton Logan Airport

617 – 568 - 6700



January 29, 2020

1200 - 1500

Renaissance Harbor View

+852 2802 8888



January 31, 2020

1200 – 1500

Hyatt Regency

671 – 647 - 12234


February 1, 2020

1200 – 1500

Hyatt Regency Waikiki

808 – 923 - 1234


February 3, 2020

1100 - 1400

Hyatt Regency Airport

424 – 702 – 1234


February 4, 2020

1100 – 1400

Westin Las Vegas

702 – 836 - 5900


February 5, 2020

1100 - 1400

Hyatt Regency Houston Intercontinental

281 – 249 - 1234


February 6, 2020

1030 – 1330

Hilton Garden Inn Airport

407 – 240 - 3725



February 11, 2020

1100 – 1400

Sheraton Airport

Bay Tower

619 – 291 – 2900



February 12, 2020

1300 – 1600

DoubleTree Airport

650 – 344 - 5500


February 13, 2020

1200 – 1500

Crowne Plaza Airport

602 – 273 - 7778


February 14, 2020

1200 – 1500

Westin Airport

303 – 317 - 1800



February 19, 2020

1000 – 1300

Renaissance London Heathrow

+44 20 8897 6363



February 20, 2020

1200 – 1500

Westin Grand

+49 69 29810


February 26, 2020

1100 – 1400

Hilton Narita Airport

+81 476 – 33 - 1121


March 3, 2020

1000 – 1300

Hyatt Place Airport

954 – 922 - 0436


March 4, 2020

1000 – 1300

Hyatt Place TPA Airport/Westshore

813 – 282 -1037



March 5, 2020

1000 – 1300

Hyatt Place Airport

512 – 272 - 5001


March 6, 2020

0900 – 1200

DoubleTree Airport

206 – 246 -8600



Job Shares Awarded for January Bid Month
MEC Communications Committee

The company recently published Job Share awards for the January 2020 bid month. Flight Attendants awarded Job Shares are encouraged to review Section 16 as well as the COLA, Job Share and Multiple-Month Partnership Program

Overview Handbook for complete details that include how unmatched Job Shares are awarded. Below is a short overview of Job Share provisions and procedures.

Job Shares allow for a line of flying to be shared by two Flight Attendants from the same base, for a one-month period and offered based on the company’s staffing needs.

Bidding & Distribution of Awarded Lines of Flying for Job Shares:

  • Both Flight Attendants must submit a monthly bid.
  • The company shall award the lines of flying based on the seniority of the senior Flight Attendant.
  • Within 48 hours after a line of flying has been awarded (Primary or Relief), Flight Attendants shall divide the line using the “Partnership & Job Share Distribution of Flying/Reserve Request” form on Help Hub. From the Help Hub home page, search “Job Share”.
  • All requests must be submitted by 8:00 am CT on the 20th for primary awards, and 8:00 am CT on the 25th for vacation relief awards.
  • Please Note: If you are awarded a Job Share line and have not submitted the request to split the line by the deadline, the Company will split the line for you.
  • The line value must be shared as evenly as possible without splitting any trips or block of reserve days, unless one block must be split to evenly divide the line. Reserve Flight Attendants may choose which reserve blocks of days they would like to fly.
  • Reserve lines will not be split to create short blocks of days of availability, except when the short block includes the last day of the bid month. (“Short block” means Reserves must maintain 3 days of availability or the shortest trip in the base, whichever is greater)
  • A Flight Attendant in a Job Share is limited to a monthly maximum of 55 hours pay and credit.
  • Vacation is not counted towards maximum line value.

Each partnership formed involves two (2) Flight Attendants.  

Number of January 2020 Partnerships Formed     






























The list of January 2020 Job Share awards can be found in Flying Together in the Crew Scheduling section. Flight Attendants may also view Job Share awards by base in CCS by clicking the “Schedule” tab and selecting “Staffing Report”. On the Staffing Report page, chose a base, click the “Status” menu and select “JS/” and finally, chose to “Sort First By” base or system seniority. SUBMIT.

Reminder- EOM Adjustment Options while Bidding for New Month
MEC Communications Committee

With bidding for the January bid month underway, Flight Attendants who have pairings that carry over from the December bid month to the January bid month are reminded 

of the contractual Month to Month Line Adjustment Process should your January Bid Award potentially conflict with your December overlap pairing into January. 

Section 7.E. of our Contract provides the mechanism by which month to month line adjustments are resolved. While most of the opportunities to fix the potential conflict occur after lines are awarded, it is important to remember that the option to advise Crew Scheduling not to utilize RA Days for adjustment purposes, must be indicated during the primary bidding process and before bids close for the bidding period.  If you do not wish to have the company use RA days to resolve a month end overlap conflict, you must indicate “do not use” on the Adjustment Request screen which is located under the Scheduling tab in CCS.

Additional details are located here: EOM Month to Month Line Adjustment Process.

Uniform Points Expiration & Discounted Item Availability
MEC Uniform Committee  

As a reminder, 2019 uniform points expire on December 31, 2019 and will not roll over for use in the next calendar year. Uniform orders using 2019 points must be made as follows:

  • Telephone orders- Must be placed by 3:00 PM (CST) on December 31, 2019
  • Online Orders- Must be placed by 11:59 (CST) on December 31, 2019 via the Cintas Website.

Avoid the year end rush and eliminate an item from your “to do” list by placing your orders early to avoid shipping delays and potential product shortages. 

As an additional incentive to place your orders, consider the following Flight Attendant items are available at a substantial discount through the end of the year:

Available at 40% Discount

Available at 30% Discount

Mobile Bag

Blue Cardigan

Shared Purse

Winter Scarf


Male Vest

Men’s Belt

Men’s Check Shirt – SS & LS

If you have questions, Call Cintas at 1-800-889-0331 (U.S.), 0800-0515-929 (LHR), 0800-180-8448 (FRA), 800-905-372 (HKG) and 00531-13-1519 (NRT) Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1800 Central Time keeping in mind the exceptions to these normal hours as listed above. Email: united@cintas.com.

Passport Surrender Procedures

If a Flight Attendant’s passport is unavailable because
it is being renewed (loss or theft) or reissued (name change) or for the processing of a visa application, etc., the Flight Attendant is not available for certain flight assignments and is required to advise the company through the Passport Surrender process using CCS. In CCS, click on the “Scheduling” tab and select “Passport”.  The result will be the display of current passport information on file with the company.

As a reminder, in a situation where a Flight Attendant’s passport is lost or stolen, we are required to notify Crew Scheduling immediately. 

Once the surrender date has been entered on this screen, the system will automatically calculate the return date 14 days later. Surrendering a passport should also be completed in the event the passport has been lost, stolen or is otherwise unavailable to support a flight assignment. Theft or loss should be reported as a renewal.

 Once we obtain our new passport and update the information on this screen with the new passport number, name, issue & expiration dates, etc., the system will automatically delete any reference to a passport surrender when the information is saved.

During the passport renewal process, a Flight Attendant may fly to locations to which she/he is qualified and may be subject to reassignment under Section 7.Q. from any pairing where she/he cannot fly without a passport.

In the case where the passport or visa renewal is delayed due to circumstances beyond the Flight Attendant’s control and she/he is unable to fly to any location, she/he shall be considered to be on an authorized absence and will not be subject to discipline.

Please contact your Local Council with any questions.

Stop Toxic Fumes Onboard Aircraft 

The Cabin Air Safety Act of 2019 aims to protect airline passengers and crew from the harmful effects of toxic cabin air.

“Our workspace is the public’s travel space and in that space today, crews and passengers are breathing toxins and it has to stop,” said AFA International President Sara Nelson.

Call your Representative and Senators today and tell them to cosponsor the Cabin Air Safety Act. The House bill is H.R. 2208 and the Senate bill is S. 1112. 

Call Your Representative: 866-937-4359

Call Your Senators: 877-750-7411


“Hi, my name is_________. As a constituent and a Flight Attendant, I am calling to ask you to cosponsor the Cabin Air Safety Act of 2019. Flight Attendants and passengers can be exposed to toxic fumes in the cabin. We need the FAA to intervene and implement protections. Support clean air onboard for passengers and Flight Attendants!”

AFA’s efforts to improve the cabin environment and air quality span the last three decades, from advocating for smoke-free skies to stopping poisonous pesticide spraying and addressing the dangers of contaminated bleed air.

Reminders & Quick Links

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Bonus Point Eligibility

December 20        February One Month COLA & Job Share Bids Close 1000 HDT
Dec. 20 – Jan. 4   Holiday Period during which 
Absence Certificate is Required

December 25        Christmas Holiday – Holiday Pay Applies for all Domiciles except NRT

December 27        SEA Satellite Base Bidding Closes 0800 CT 

January 1              New Year’s Day – Holiday Pay Applies for all domiciles except HKG

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