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Passport Surrender Procedures

Date: December 13, 2019

If a Flight Attendant’s passport is unavailable because

it is being renewed (loss or theft) or reissued (name change) or for the processing of a visa application, etc., the Flight Attendant is not available for certain flight assignments and is required to advise the company through the Passport Surrender process using CCS. In CCS, click on the “Scheduling” tab and select “Passport”.  The result will be the display of current passport information on file with the company.

As a reminder, in a situation where a Flight Attendant’s passport is lost or stolen, we are required to notify Crew Scheduling immediately. 

Once the surrender date has been entered on this screen, the system will automatically calculate the return date 14 days later. Surrendering a passport should also be completed in the event the passport has been lost, stolen or is otherwise unavailable to support a flight assignment. Theft or loss should be reported as a renewal.

 Once we obtain our new passport and update the information on this screen with the new passport number, name, issue & expiration dates, etc., the system will automatically delete any reference to a passport surrender when the information is saved.

During the passport renewal process, a Flight Attendant may fly to locations to which she/he is qualified and may be subject to reassignment under Section 7.Q. from any pairing where she/he cannot fly without a passport.

In the case where the passport or visa renewal is delayed due to circumstances beyond the Flight Attendant’s control and she/he is unable to fly to any location, she/he shall be considered to be on an authorized absence and will not be subject to discipline.

Please contact your Local Council with any questions.

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