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Quick Turns- Safety First

Date: December 13, 2019

Last Friday, we received a company email from management entitled Quick Turn MythBusters, which addressed common concerns that Quick Turns are not safe. Our Senior VP of Inflight Services in the video stated “You should never be asked to turn a flight at the expense of safety….and that means never.” He added that “our SOP’s have been extensively tested in the operation…”, and, that United will continue to refine them, based on our feedback. He emphasized the importance of knowing and following SOP’s. 

As Safety Professionals, Flight Attendants are well versed in the importance of following SOP’s. Oftentimes however, we find our efforts to follow SOPs undermined by on-time Corporate initiatives. We are bombarded daily with the new “hurry up” mentality and have seen an increase in flights being declared quick turns. We agree with our Senior VP of Inflight Services, we must resist any and all efforts to compromise safety for the sake of a “quick turn”.

When there are circumstances where safety is, or has the potential to be compromised, or, if you find that due to Quick Turn pressures you are unable to follow safety policies and SOPs as written, Flight Attendants should not hesitate to file an AFA Safety Report or an ISAP report. ISAP is a voluntary, non-punitive safety reporting program which allows Flight Attendants an opportunity to identify and report safety concerns, and also, self-disclose inadvertent FAR or company violations.

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