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Reserve Schedules Having More Than 12 Days Off

Date: December 20, 2019

MEC Reserve Committee

During the low flying season, line values typically decrease as the company spreads out flying scheduled by the corporation to manage manpower and Reserve under guarantee.  During these same time periods, as provided for in the Contract, another tool available to manage manpower, management may elect to accept Reserve recommendations from Local Schedule Committees schedules having more than the minimum twelve (12) days off, up to sixteen (16) days off, which is another way to reduce Reserve guarantee 

Flight Attendants bidding for Reserve lines for the January bid month may see Reserve schedules offered with more than the minimum twelve (12) days off. The additional days off will reduce the Reserve Flight Attendants minimum for each additional day off over the contractual twelve (12) days by either 4:20 or 4:07, depending on the number of days in the schedule month. 

At the same time, Section 8.I.1.I. of our Contract states, if you are awarded a Reserve Line with more than 12 days off, even if you originally bid for the line, you may contact the Company no later than three (3) days prior to the new month to have Reserve availability days restored in order to also restore your Reserve minimum. The restorable days are indicated by a “+” in the Reserve schedule. If you would like to restore some but not all of the Reserve days, Crew Scheduling will consider your preference as to which day(s) of availability to restore. Contact FAST-Inflight Administration at 800-FLT-LINE and follow the prompts to request days off be restored.

For additional information about restoring days off when awarded a Reserve Line with more than twelve (12) days off, contact your Local Reserve Committee.

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