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Month-End Adjustment to be -3:00/+5:00

Date: December 6, 2019

Month-End Adjustment to be -3:00/+5:00
One United, November 26, 2019

Effective December 5, 2019, the month-end conflict provision of Section 7.E.7.c. will be implemented, allowing self-adjustments with values between -3:00 and +5:00 hours. Adjustments following the January bid awards will be the first time this provision will be utilized.

Due to system limitations, self and auto-adjustments for month-end conflicts have been limited to the 

-3:00/+3:00 provisions of Section 7.E.7.a. and b. This meant that in the event you bid into an end-of-month conflict and were not able to resolve it through mutual trades, the system would drop the conflict pairing.  Once the pairing was dropped, you were able to make up the time lost by participating in the self-adjustment or auto-adjustment processes.  The self-adjustment process provided you the opportunity to select pairings with values that were between -3:00 hours to +3:00 hours from your original line value.

Beginning this month, the system will still look to display solutions based on the above parameters first when attempting a self-adjustment. However, if there are no options, it will then look for solutions which fall between -3:00 to +5:00hours from your original line value. The self-adjustment screens have been updated to reflect these parameters.

When you initially access the self-adjustment screen in CCS, it appears as shown below.  It will display solutions with values between -3:00 to +3:00 hours from your original line value.  The screen has been enhanced to now show the “-3” and “+3” parameters next to the minimum and maximum hours needed for the adjustment. Any solutions that meet those parameters will be listed and available:

If there are no solutions meeting those parameters, it will display solutions which have a difference between -3:00 to +5:00 hours from your original line value. The screen has been updated to reflect the parameters of the available solutions, as shown below:


If there are no pairings that meet the required parameters during the self-adjustment window, no pairings will be listed. Your line will then be subject to an auto-adjustment. This same process will be utilized for the auto-adjustment process.

All other rules related to month to month line adjustments still apply. For additional details about month to month line adjustments, please review theTrip Trades and Adjustments Guide on Flying Together. 

You can read more about the recent One United  update on Flying Together. For more information regarding, End of Month Self Adjustment contact your Local Council Representative. 

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