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Reserve Christmas Wish List now Open

Date: December 6, 2019

MEC Reserve Committee

Section 8.H.8.c

Reserve Christmas Wish List (CWL) is a Reserve assignment procedure that is provided for in Section 8.H.8.c. of our Contract. At Christmas, for the three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following the holiday, Reserve Flight Attendants may indicate their choice of up to four (4) layover stations where they wish to be on the holiday. If legal and available, requests will be awarded in Inflight seniority order. Access Reserve Christmas Wish List in one of three ways:  

1.     Via www.unitedafa.org/wishlist

2.     Via CCS under the Reserve tab or 

3.     Via the Quick Links section of Inflight Services webpage. 

Some important points to remember when entering CWL requests:

  • The CWL system officially opened on December 1st, 2019. Any layover preferences input prior to that date must be re-entered in order to be considered for the 2019 CWL period.
  • CWL preferences may only be entered via the online portal. Requests will not be accepted over the telephone by contacting scheduling.
  • Only one (1) CWL request may be granted per Flight Attendant during the CWL period.
  • CWL requests will be considered and granted within each of the following sub-bases as applicable: Regular Reserve (FA), International Purser Reserve (FM-L) and each Language Qualified Reserve group (LS).
  • Requested assignments that require a Flight Attendant to “opt” will be granted, and the Flight Attendant will be automatically opted for the balance of the month.
  • Flight Attendants will not be deadheaded to other bases in order to grant their wish.
  • Reserves assigned as part of CWL shall be released to check-in and shall not be subject to displacement from the pairing by a Lineholder, consistent with Section 8.D.11. of the Contract.
  •   Assignments made to Ready and Standby Reserves will not consider CWL layover requests.
  • Preferences may be altered at any time up until the deadline for each day (see below schedule). Only the latest request/update made prior to each deadline will be considered. 

Prior to the Reserve assignment process for:

Requests need to be input by:

22 December

0600 HDT on 21 December

23 December

0600 HDT on 22 December

24 December

0600 HDT on 23 December

25 December

0600 HDT on 24 December

26 December

0600 HDT on 25 December

27 December

0600 HDT on 26 December

If you have additional questions, please review the full article on our website.

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