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E-Lines: February 05, 2019

Date: February 5, 2019

Celebrating the Accomplishments of Linda F. Farrow during Black History Month 
MEC Communications Committee

February is African American History Month where we pay tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society.  In our own community of Flight Attendants we needn’t look far outside of our own Membership to find examples of those who were part of this struggle and who dedicated their lives to the service of others. Linda F. Farrow was one such person who lived her life well, dedicated to the advocacy of all Flight Attendants.


This past week, AFA held a Memorial Service remembering the life and service of Linda F. Farrow in Los Angeles, CA.   

Linda graduated from United Airlines Stewardess training School in 1968, in Chicago, Illinois to become among the first African American women to become a Stewardess. She flew for United Airlines from 1968 through 2015 at which time she retired from her 47 year career as a Flight Attendant, Union advocate, officer and volunteer.

Linda worked as an AFA Union Representative fighting hard to ensure the rights of Flight Attendants for over 40 years. Her unwavering patience, listening skills, attention to detail, analytical capabilities are all attributes that eventually lead Linda to become the President of the United Master Executive Council for the Association of Flight Attendants for United Airlines. She brought all of these exceptional qualities together to serve her flying partners in this position as a decisive Officer who provided strong leadership for the AFA throughout her tenure and in particular following the attacks on 9/11. 

Linda received many awards during her career and worked on a variety of campaigns to eventually become an integral Member of an international community of Flight Attendants working tirelessly to advance issues affecting all Flight Attendants as well as the safety of United passengers. 

We recognize Linda F. Farrow, a dynamic leader and advocate whose personal achievements and dedication laid the foundation for so many who pursued careers in the aviation industry. Please join us during Black History Month as we proudly recognize and honor her exceptional accomplishments and achievements as not only an icon of the Flight Attendant profession but as a dedicated Member of the Association of Flight Attendants. In all we do, we will remember her contributions.

Time Off Options Provide Schedule Flexibility 

Negotiated Time Off options provide Flight Attendants with schedule flexibility to assist us in accomplishing a healthy balance between our work and personal lives.  These options include the Personal Drops (PD)provision and the Personal Time Off (PTO)options. Both options provide us with the ability to take unpaid time away from work however, the mechanism behind each is unique in how the day/days are awarded. 

Personal Drop – Section 7.M.

1. Flight Attendants may personal drop a trip pairing subject to operational requirements. Requests will only be accepted the day before report time of the trip pairing and will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

2. Flight attendants may drop a portion/portions of a trip when it transits their base the day of the trip, if staffing allows. If successful in dropping a portion of the pairing, the original value of the pairing shall is reduced by the scheduled flight time of the segments dropped.

3. The portion of the trip placed into open time shall be credited with the greater of the scheduled or actual flight time for the segments. A partial trip drop transaction, in and of itself, shall not generate a rig or hotel room. However, if the portion of the trip dropped is subsequently assigned to a Reserve, the Reserve will receive rigs and hotel rooms attributable to the trip

In addition to the provisions of Section 7.M. which provides for Personal Drops (PD), Section 7.AA. of our JCBA provides for Guaranteed Personal Time Off (PTO).  

Personal Time Off – Section 7.AA.

1.     Guaranteed PTO time will be made available to Flight Attendants on a daily basis regardless of White Flag. Guaranteed PTO slots will be equal to one percent (1%) of a domicile's active Flight Attendant population on any day. Such PTO will be granted on a seniority basis, a day at a time, to Flight Attendants; however, to ensure equitable distribution, Flight Attendants may use the guaranteed PTO for eight (8) days a year. The daily percentage will be allocated in two (2) equal parts (any fraction will be allocated to the fifteen [15] day-in advance portion). The first part will be awarded fifteen (15) days in advance. Any unused PTO will be allocated to the corresponding five (5) day-in-advance portion. A one (1) day notice will be required to qualify for the remaining guaranteed PTO time. If the needs of the service permit, however, any unused slots may continue to be available until 0001 of the requested day. Such requests will have priority over personal drops.

2.     PTO shall not be awarded to a Flight Attendant who is on duty and unavailable to utilize such PTO.

3.     Flight time lost due to Personal Time Off may be made up during the month taken if authorized by Inflight Scheduling.

4.     If a PTO day will cause a Reserve to be unable to be assigned on her/his remaining days of availability, the Reserve will be placed on PTO for the day requested and Could Not Fly (CNF) for the subsequent days on in the Reserve block if the next block of days off are set days.

Requesting a Personal Drop (PD) or Personal Time Off (PTO)

Login in to CCS ->Trading ->EBB. Directly under the Electronic Bulletin Board title, on the left hand side you will see a small arrow next to the word Market. Click here for the dropdown menu and select requests.  Keep in mind, Flight Attendants must submit for either a Personal Drop or PTO, not both.

For additional information on these negotiated schedule options, review the information available on our website, Unitedafa.org or contact your Local Council Office.

A Review of Trip Trading Rules 

Open time trip trade occurs monthly utilizing a staggered window time chart available in the cover pages of our monthly bid packets. Implemented in September 2018 we will outline the details of the contractual provisions for your review:

  • If the operation permits, as determined by Crew Scheduling, an open time trade may be considered inside twelve hours (12:00) prior to check-in of the trip being picked up. 
  • Trades involving two trips which both have scheduled departures less than one calendar day after the trade must be done on an exception basis by contacting Crew Scheduling and are subject to operational needs. 
  • A trade between two Flight Attendants must be made in the computer up to four hours (4:00) prior to check in of the earliest trip involved in the trade. 
  • Flight Attendants may straight pick up (i.e. no trading) open time via computer up to three (3:00) hours before check-in. 
  • Trade requests on the same trip may be requested at check-in (with Crew Scheduling), even if it involves the Purser position. 
  • Trip trade requests must be for trips originating in the same bid month. Month to month trades involving pairings which originate in different months are not allowed. 
  • Only two Flight Attendants may participate in a trip trade. Three-way trades are not permitted.
  • A single duty period which contains a flight segment that departs the base before midnight and a return segment that arriving back in the base after 0400 local time (“red eye turns”) will be considered as a one day pairing when trading. 
  • Trip Trades with open time will only be allowed when there is sufficient reserve coverage. 
  • If your trade will result in you exceeding your monthly maximum on a credit basis, you will be deemed to have automatically opted to a higher monthly maximum. For example: if your trade increases your credit time from 94:00 to 97:00, you will be deemed to have opted to a 100:00 monthly maximum. 

Parking trips on another Flight Attendants line to facilitate trading is NOT permitted.

  • Additionally, Open time trades involving an unequal number of days cannot cause a decrease of flight time of more than three hours (3:00) scheduled block time (not credit time). 
  • Open time trades involving an equal number of days are not subject to the three hours decrease parameter. 

NOTE: Trading trips of uneven days is permitted, but limited. For example, you may trade a 3-day, 15:00 trip (with 12:00 block time), for a 2-day, 10:00 trip (with 10:00 block time). Although the difference in credit time is 5:00, the difference in block time is only 3:00 therefore, the trade is legal

Reserves Picking Up Flying on Scheduled Days Off  
JCBA Section 8.L & M.

As provided in Sections 8.L & M. of our JCBA, a Reserve may, at her/his option, pick up flying on scheduled days off once they have been released by Crew Scheduling.


A Reserve may not, however, pick up a trip that has a scheduled check-in on a Reserve day of availability even if they have been released from duty (RLSD) for the remainder of the day.The value of the Reserve day has already been included as part of the Reserve minimum guarantee.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

Reserves Assigned during Preferencing Window are Released to Check-in!
MEC Reserve Committee

The Reserve Preferencing and clean-up process occurs each evening between 1700 and 1930 HDT for pairings with check-ins on the following day. Section 8.D.11. of our JCBA provides that Reserves assigned as part of this process shall be released to check-in and shall not be subject to displacement from the pairing by a Lineholder.


Said another way, a Reserve who has received their next-day assignment during the Reserve Preferencing and clean-up process is not required to remain telephone available once they have fulfilled their current-day Reserve obligation, if any.


In addition, JCBA Section 8.E.2. provides that Reserves assigned outside of the Reserve Preferencing process (i.e., Ready Reserves) shall be automatically released to check-in at fifteen (15) hours prior to check-in and shall not be subject to displacement by a Lineholder and they are, therefore, no longer required to be telephone available.

Additional information concerning telephone availability requirements while on Reserve Status can be found in the JCBA Reserve guide available on our website.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

Call to Action #LockoutNeverAgain 

With the threat of Day 36 of the lockout looming on February 16, it is in our best interest to remain firmly committed to delivering our strong message to Congress and the White House: We cannot and will not risk another shutdown and lockout of federal workers and the programs that keep us safe. 

Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor the Fair Compensation for Low-Wage Contractor Employees Act >

Government is a full set of public services that work together to ensure our safety while securing and keeping our economy moving in a positive direction. There is no partial fix here! We need a fully functioning government and an end to the thrusting of hard-working, patriotic Americans into the crosshairs of a political game for which there are no winners. End this Lockout threat forever. Call your Senators and Representative NOW at (202) 224-2131!

Additional information can be found at unitedafa.org

Union Plus Valentine’s Day Discounts 
Valentine’s Day is Thursday, February 14

There is no better way to express your love this Valentine's Day, then with a fresh floral bouquet or gift basket. Thanks to our Union, Flight Attendants can Save 25% on Beautiful Flowers 
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Also, don’t forget to add to their special day by including something sweet. Union plus offers a large selection of Union made candy products. Just text CANDY to 22555 for an up to date list of union-made candy.

There’s no better way to say Happy Valentines’ Day!


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