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A Review of Trip Trading Trade Rules

Date: February 6, 2019

Open time trip trade occurs monthly utilizing a staggered window time chart available in the cover pages of our monthly bid packets. Implemented in September 2018 we will outline the details of the contractual provisions for your review:

  • If the operation permits, as determined by Crew Scheduling, an open time trade may be considered inside twelve hours (12:00) prior to check-in of the trip being picked up. 
  • Trades involving two trips which both have scheduled departures less than one calendar day after the trade must be done on an exception basis by contacting Crew Scheduling and are subject to operational needs. 
  • A trade between two Flight Attendants must be made in the computer up to four hours (4:00) prior to check in of the earliest trip involved in the trade. 
  • Flight Attendants may straight pick up (i.e. no trading) open time via computer up to three (3:00) hours before check-in. 
  • Trade requests on the same trip may be requested at check-in (with Crew Scheduling), even if it involves the Purser position. 
  • Trip trade requests must be for trips originating in the same bid month. Month to month trades involving pairings which originate in different months are not allowed. 
  • Only two Flight Attendants may participate in a trip trade. Three-way trades are not permitted.
  • A single duty period which contains a flight segment that departs the base before midnight and a return segment that arriving back in the base after 0400 local time (“red eye turns”) will be considered as a one day pairing when trading. 
  • Trip Trades with open time will only be allowed when there is sufficient reserve coverage. 
  • If your trade will result in you exceeding your monthly maximum on a credit basis, you will be deemed to have automatically opted to a higher monthly maximum. For example: if your trade increases your credit time from 94:00 to 97:00, you will be deemed to have opted to a 100:00 monthly maximum. 

Parking trips on another Flight Attendants line to facilitate trading is NOT permitted.

  • Additionally, Open time trades involving an unequal number of days cannot cause a decrease of flight time of more than three hours (3:00) scheduled block time (not credit time). 
  • Open time trades involving an equal number of days are not subject to the three hours decrease parameter. 

NOTE: Trading trips of uneven days is permitted, but limited. For example, you may trade a 3-day, 15:00 trip (with 12:00 block time), for a 2-day, 10:00 trip (with 10:00 block time). Although the difference in credit time is 5:00, the difference in block time is only 3:00 therefore, the trade is legal

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