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Celebrating the Accomplishments of Linda F. Farrow during Black History Month

Date: February 6, 2019

MEC Communications Committee

February is African American History Month where we pay tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society.  In our own community of Flight Attendants we needn’t look far outside of our own Membership to find examples of those who were part of this struggle and who dedicated their lives to the service of others. Linda F. Farrow was one such person who lived her life well, dedicated to the advocacy of all Flight Attendants.


This past week, AFA held a Memorial Service remembering the life and service of Linda F. Farrow in Los Angeles, CA.   

Linda graduated from United Airlines Stewardess training School in 1968, in Chicago, Illinois to become among the first African American women to become a Stewardess. She flew for United Airlines from 1968 through 2015 at which time she retired from her 47 year career as a Flight Attendant, Union advocate, officer and volunteer.

Linda worked as an AFA Union Representative fighting hard to ensure the rights of Flight Attendants for over 40 years. Her unwavering patience, listening skills, attention to detail, analytical capabilities are all attributes that eventually lead Linda to become the President of the United Master Executive Council for the Association of Flight Attendants for United Airlines. She brought all of these exceptional qualities together to serve her flying partners in this position as a decisive Officer who provided strong leadership for the AFA throughout her tenure and in particular following the attacks on 9/11. 

Linda received many awards during her career and worked on a variety of campaigns to eventually become an integral Member of an international community of Flight Attendants working tirelessly to advance issues affecting all Flight Attendants as well as the safety of United passengers. 

We recognize Linda F. Farrow, a dynamic leader and advocate whose personal achievements and dedication laid the foundation for so many who pursued careers in the aviation industry. Please join us during Black History Month as we proudly recognize and honor her exceptional accomplishments and achievements as not only an icon of the Flight Attendant profession but as a dedicated Member of the Association of Flight Attendants. In all we do, we will remember her contributions.

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