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E-Lines: February 08, 2019

Date: February 8, 2019

MEC 9-12 Summary

In June 2012, the pre-merger United MEC filed a grievance protesting the calculation of the 2011 profit sharing payments made to the pmUA Flight Attendants. You will remember, in 2012, pmUA AFA MEC and the pmCO AFA MEC were two separate units administering their respective Collective Bargaining Agreements. The calculation of pmUA profit sharing payments was the result of bankruptcy negotiations dating back to 2002.  As part of that bankruptcy process, profit sharing was to replace, in part, the wage, benefit and pension concessions made by the pmUA Flight Attendants. The filing of MEC 9-12 by the United MEC did not challenge nor was it an attempt to change pmCO profit sharing payments.  

The contractual calculation of profit sharing payments was not renegotiated until the JCBA in 2016.  

The case was appealed to the System Board of Adjustment.  Hearings were held in 2017 and 2018. Since that time we have been waiting for the final ruling. Unfortunately, we did not prevail in the case as the arbitrator did not comment on the merits of the case. Instead, he cited an untimely filing which is, in our view, wrong since the profit sharing grievance was filed as a Section 26.D. MEC Grievance, which has no time filing limitations under the pmUA Collective Bargaining Agreement.  It was concurrently filed as a Section 26.C. grievance to protect retrospective relief for the 2011 profit sharing payments.

It should be noted that ALPA, in a similar manner, filed a grievance in 2012 protesting the calculation of 2011 profit sharing payments made to pmUA pilots. Their grievance was sustained on the merits by a different arbitrator, even though the Company had protested its timeliness as well. We wholeheartedly disagree with the outcome, and our dissent will be in the official record, but the decision of the arbitrator is binding. 

Continuing Problems with Reserve Time Accrued Order (TMAC) in CCS & COSMOS 
MEC Reserve Committee

During this past week, the company deployed a fix to the International Purser Reserve displays in CCS.  After the fix was applied, it was noticed that the TMAC information of the Reserve Availability screen is again displaying incorrectly by including future credit for training, vacation, and Union business, etc.

This problem has been reported to management in IT and we have been advise work is underway to resolve the discrepancies.  It is important to note that the TMAC discrepancies are only affected in CCS and COSMOS.  The Reserve Preference Platform is unaffected meaning that assignments made through preferencing are using an accurate TMAC in the assignment process.

As we obtain additional information, we will pass that along to let you know the issue has once again been resolved.


Alcohol Testing Under European Aviation Safety Agency
MEC Safety, Health & Security

As was recently published in the January 17, 2019 Safety Alert, the Members of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are permitted to perform alcohol testing of flight and cabin crew during ramp inspections in accordance with Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA).

Highlights of the policy include:

1.    Under these regulations, an alcohol test may be carried out at any time during a ramp inspection by a ramp inspector or other authorized officials, such as law enforcement.

2.    At all times, the inspector should ensure the testing environment is as discreet as possible.

3.    A flight or cabin crew member who refuses to cooperate or who has been identified as being under the influence of alcohol after a positive test, will not be allowed to continue their duty.

4.    Refusing to cooperate will be treated as a test failure.

Current destinations that are EASA Members include:



Czech Republic











United Kingdom



For additional information on the breath alcohol concentration, refer to the January 17, 2019 Safety Alert on EASA Alcohol Testing.

Staffing and Service Issues – The Importance of Marginal Service Reports  
MEC Communications Committee  

As we know, United has recently revised the staffing on several aircraft types and on some they have eliminated the mid-galley position. These staffing revisions have caused substantial changes to our staffing and service and have the potential to impact not only the service we provide on the aircraft but also the safety of passengers and crew.

On our MEC website we have a Report and Feedback Forms section where you will find the Marginal Service Report. This report should be filed any time you encounter a situation where the service presented to passengers is does not meet the established standard or where we are unable to complete the service according to established service guidelines within published time standards.

Provide detailed, specific information on how the company changes are adversely impacting passenger safety and/or service on the flight and how it has affected your ability to meet the company’s service standards. What we need for you to provide is how the reduction and or service change has affected the service and how this impacted the passengers, lengthened the service or created other safety or service concerns. All perspectives are helpful in assessing the impact of the change. 

The Reports and Feedback Forms section of the website is located in the Members only area of the website (a nonpublic area).To access this area you will need to use your login and password.  If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by accessing the Login Problems section of the MEC Website. 

Note: only active Flight Attendants can access the Members only section of the website.

For more information on the Marginal Service Report please visit our 
website or contact your Local Council.

MEC Central Schedule Committee (CSC) Conducts Training in ORD 

This week our MEC Central Schedule Committee (CSC) conducted a special two (2) day training in Chicago, IL. Flight Attendant volunteers from across the system had the opportunity to participate in learning about line construction and how the Union goes about making recommendations on the construction of monthly Flight Attendant schedules. We thank our flying partners who stepped forward to do this important work on behalf of all Flight Attendants. Participants from ORD, LAX, IAD and DEN participated.


MEC Government Affairs Committee Training

Our MEC Government Affairs Committee conducted their annual training at the Chicago Field Office. We appreciate the commitment of these individuals in their willingness to work to support the various initiatives of the Union. Those priorities which we are able to attain through legislative initiatives gives us more latitude at the bargaining table to achieve other priorities. We are grateful to those willing to take on this challenging and important work of our Union.


Semi-annual System Seniority List Review Deadline - February 16, 2019 
JCBA Section 14.C.

The January 2019 System Seniority List has been published for review by Flight Attendants.   Flight Attendants are provided a period of thirty (30) days to protest any alleged error or omission affecting their seniority.   The semi-annual list was posted as of January 17, 2019. The only exceptions to the 30-day timeline to register these objections are:


·      Flight Attendants on vacation at the time of the posting

·      Flight Attendants on Leave of Absence at the time of the posting

·      Flight Attendants on furlough at the time of posting

·      Flight Attendants on sick leave at the time of posting

In those situations, the Flight Attendant must report discrepancies no more than thirty (30) days after returning to flight duty.

Access the new list go to Flying Together > My Work > Crew Scheduling > Semi-Annual Seniority List.

Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Open Enrollment 

MEC Benefits Committee

Don't miss your chance to add or change your Voluntary Benefit coverage for 2019. Enrollment is available on site at most hub domicile locations until February 22nd.

You can also speak directly to an enrollment specialist: 
Direct Path at 1-866-715-5847 or National Group Protection at 
(877-293-3227)  or click here to view options for enrolling online. 

Work on Per Diem Reports Continues

Toward the end of January, per diem reports were released to Flight Attendants for 2018 Flight Assignments. After these reports were released, we reported that we’d identified some problems with these reports to management.  Later the revised reports were published on the company’s website and we reported their availability.

Unfortunately, in recent days we’ve identified additional inaccuracies and missing information which we have reported to management for correction.


We expected a status update on the development of these reports today however, work continues in correcting those reports.  We will provide you additional information on the availability of these reports as soon as it is made available by the company.

FlightPAC – Provides Strong & Powerful Presence in Washington, D.C.

MEC Government Affairs Committee 

AFA’s FlightPAC was founded in 1982 to support bipartisan political candidates who are most likely to promote Flight Attendant issues. Governed by federal election laws, FlightPAC is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of AFA members. Membership dues are never contributed to political campaigns. Without our contributions to FlightPAC, we would not be as successful in promoting aviation safety and our careers as safety professionals and aviation’s first responders.

Laws that protect Flight Attendants and improve our quality of life, including eliminating smoking in the cabin, FMLA, OSHA protections, Known Crew Member, the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP), and more, are in place today because Senators and Representatives who support issues of importance to Flight Attendants voted to support legislation urged by our Union. FlightPAC affords our Government Affairs Committee and activists a greater voice on Capitol Hill.

In today’s political atmosphere, it’s more important than ever that we have a strong and powerful presence in Washington D.C. We must stand together to protect our industry and make the positive changes necessary to protect our jobs and our economy.

Donate to FlightPAC today by filing out payroll deduction form and dropping it off at your Local Council Office or by mailing it to:


Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO

501 Third Street NW – Tenth Floor

Washington, DC 20001

Manuals App 1.40 Update
MEC Safety Health and Security Committee

Manuals app 1.40 will automatically download once your Link is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Flight Attendants may also manually download version 1.40 from the United Apps store. 

Note:Verify you have the latest Manuals app version, >Manuals app, tap “User” (in the lower right corner of the screen) and then tap “About.” The app version can be located below the TechView for iOS icon and can be identified as version 1.40 (4.4_M120).

Verifying Reserve Assignments 
MEC Reserve Committee

Reserve Flight Attendants are strongly encouraged to directly access CCS using a web browser when checking their Master Schedule and/or when ascertaining their next-day assignment after 1930 HDT.

As a reminder, if you have not acknowledged your next-day assignment between 1930 and 2400 HDT, scheduling is not obligated to contact you, and you are still responsible for the assignment. 

NOTE: Flight Attendants experiencing issues with the functionality of a third-party app should contact the individual outside vendor with any questions pertaining to their app’s current operating issues.  When using a third party app to confirm your assignment, you are exclusively responsible in confirming and acknowledging your next day assignment.  Keep in mind, if the app malfunctions or you are provided inaccurate information from the app, any missed trip is your responsibility.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

CAUSE® Foundation Holds Paid Trip Drop Raffle  

As previously communicated, The CAUSE Foundation will be holding a "paid trip drop" raffle during the months of February and March. You read that right.....you will be paid to stay home!!!

To enter this contest you must be either already be giving to CAUSE through monthly payroll or monthly website donations or sign up to make monthly recurring donations to CAUSE. There are also a few Flight Attendants who have been making annual contributions to CAUSE for many years. Those annual contributors will also be eligible.

All bases system-wide will be participating in this event. There will be 8 winners system-wide and the winners will be announced on April 15th.

The details on how to enter for your chance to “WIN” can be found on United afa.org

February 8         Deadline to update Link Operating System
February 14       Valentine’s Day
February 16       January 2019 System Seniority List – Error or omission claims due
February 27       Profit Sharing distribution to all North American locations

March 1              Profit Sharing distribution to Flight Attendants at International bases

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