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Bereavement Leave – Section 15.K.

Date: February 19, 2019

Joint Contract Bargaining Agreement (JCBA)

Although previously communicated last year Flight Attendants have recently inquired about the bereavement policy and the contractual provisions on which it is based. Section 15.K of our JCBA provides the following provisions for Flight Attendants who may need bereavement leave.

A Flight Attendant shall be entitled to time off without loss of pay up to a maximum of four (4) consecutive days (inclusive of days free from duty) in the event of a death in her/his family. Pay shall be based on trip(s) missed or Reserve day(s) of availability.  A Flight Attendant may extend the four (4) day period of paid time off by using up to fourteen (14) consecutive days of accrued vacation from the current or following year, if available.

For purposes of time off for bereavement, family shall include the Flight Attendant’s spouse, domestic partner, child (including step-children and in-laws), parent (including step- parents and in-laws), grandparent (including step-grandparents and in-laws), grandchild (including step-grandchildren), other relative living in her/his home, legal dependent, legal guardian (in lieu of parent), siblings (including step-siblings and in-laws), or such additional individuals as may be included in Company policy.

The Company will provide positive space on-line passes for travel to attend the funeral/memorial service and return from downline locations. The Company will also assist in other travel arrangements, as needed.

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