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Assigning Reserves to Open Language Positions

Date: February 23, 2019


MEC Reserve Committee

There have been a number of questions regarding the process of assigning open Language Qualified (LQ) positions to Reserves when there is no Language Qualified Reserve who speaks the specific language associated with the open pairing and who is legal and available in the specific language sub-base.

At the outset, it is important to recognize that with the implementation of the scheduling provisions of the JCBA on October 1st, the domicile structure was divided into sub-bases: International Pursers, General Population and Language Qualified. The LQ sub-base includes all of the various languages assigned at the domicile.  The individual bases for each language is formed through the award of schedules for the given month when Flight Attendants either bid or are assigned to these language lines and LQ Reserve schedules.

In the case of Language Qualified positions in open time in the operation, scheduling will make assignments in the following order:

1.    A legal and available LQ Reserve from the specifically required language sub-base.

Example: Using an Italian sub-base Reserve to cover an open Italian LQ position on FCO. 

2.    A legal and available LQ Reserve from the sub-base of another designated language position assigned to the flight.

Example: Using a Mandarin sub-base Reserve on HKG when a Cantonese sub-base Reserve is not available.

3.    A legal and available LQ Reserve from the sub-base of a LIP language designated for the flight. 

Example: Using a French sub-base Reserve on ZRH when a German sub-base Reserve is not available.

4.    A legal and available LQ Reserve from another language sub-base.

Example: Using a Spanish sub-base Reserve on NRT when a Japanese Reserve is not available.

5.    If there are no LQ Reserves of any language sub-base who are legal and available, scheduling will then convert the open LQ position to a non-LQ position and assign it in accordance with Section 7.S.

6.    If the pairing is not picked up from Open Time by a Lineholder or a Reserve on days off, the pairing will be assigned to a Reserve from the general population in accordance with Sections 8.D-G.

It should be noted:   Reserves who are language qualified, but who are not in the language qualified sub-base during the month are not considered language qualified for that month and will not be assigned from the general population out of time accrued order nor will they be cross utilized to cover open LQ positions. If assigned to these flights or when picking up open flying, they will continue to receive LIP pay when the flight is language designated.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

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