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Hotel Gainsharing Provisions

Date: February 26, 2019

JCBA Section 5.C.

Section 5.C.of our JCBA is a provision within our Collective Bargaining Agreement that provides Flight Attendants with the ability to be reimbursed a portion of the savings from cancelling hotel rooms in accordance with the provisions of the JCBA.  Reimbursement for each cancelled hotel room shall not be less than $20 (USD) and applies for all international and domestic hotel rooms. This contractual benefit is only available to the Flight Attendant scheduled to occupy the hotel room and Flight Attendants may not cancel hotel rooms for other Flight Attendants.

Cancellations may only be accomplished through CCS or by such other method as may be authorized by the company.  Rooms cancellations are final and may not later be rescinded by the Flight Attendant authorizing such cancellation.  If the Flight Attendant cancelling the room becomes ill or is reassigned or re-crewed after cancellation of the room must notify Crew Scheduling as soon as possible that she/he had cancelled the room.  This will allow scheduling to make prompt arrangements for a replacement hotel.

The Hotel Gainsharing User Guide, available on unitedafa.org provides additional information on the specific procedures that must be used to ensure payment of the gainsharing incentive. Gainsharing requests reimbursements are processed by Crew Pay and will be credited on your paycheck in the month following the month in which you made the request to cancel the hotel room.  

For additional information please contact your Local Council Office.

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