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Passport Renewal Costs and Validity Recommendations

Date: February 26, 2019


JCBA Section 3.V.5.a

Included as part of the language of our 2016-2021 JCBA, all Flight Attendants are required to carry their passports while on assignment. Section 3.V.5.a. provides the language associated with passport and visa renewal costs, and this includes the cost of any necessary photos. 

Section 3.V.5.a. of our JCBA provides,

The Company shall bear the cost of any necessary passports, passport renewals, additional passport pages, visas, work permits required to be based/domiciled at that location, residency and the government’s expedited renewal fee. The Company shall also bear the costs for all necessary photos associated with obtaining the aforementioned documents.

Flight Attendants in need of passport and Visa renewal must adhere to thefollowing procedures when surrendering their documents for renewal or when lost or stolen and are responsible for maintaining accurate and up to date passport information in CCS. To review your current record or to modify the content log in to CCS, go to the Schedule tab >>Passport.   It is important to remember that you are solely responsible for the information listed on this page.  We recommend that you review the information contained on that page for accuracy.

Additionally, several international destinations have implemented and now require specific minimum remaining validity time periods for Crewmember passports.   For example, some countries require that Crew passports remain valid for a period of six (6) months in order to obtain entry into the country. For this reason, you are encouraged to have at least six (6) months of validity left on your passport as measured from the date of arrival at an international point of entry, regardless of the international destination.

Caution: Flight Attendants arriving at an international destination that has implemented a passport validity restriction, and their passport does not have the required remaining time before expiration, could risk being deniedentry and risk deportation.  Lima, Peru is one such example.  

Additional information regarding unique circumstances for crew passport and visa requirements for non-U.S. destinations information, please reference Flying Together > Inflight > Policies & Procedures > Passports & Visas.  

Flight Attendants needing additional information should contact your Local Council.

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