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Staffing and Service Issues – The Importance of Marginal Service Reports

Date: February 9, 2019

MEC Communications Committee  

As we know, United has recently revised the staffing on several aircraft types and on some they have eliminated the mid-galley position. These staffing revisions have caused substantial changes to our staffing and service and have the potential to impact not only the service we provide on the aircraft but also the safety of passengers and crew.

On our MEC website we have a Report and Feedback Forms section where you will find the Marginal Service Report. This report should be filed any time you encounter a situation where the service presented to passengers is does not meet the established standard or where we are unable to complete the service according to established service guidelines within published time standards.

Provide detailed, specific information on how the company changes are adversely impacting passenger safety and/or service on the flight and how it has affected your ability to meet the company’s service standards. What we need for you to provide is how the reduction and or service change has affected the service and how this impacted the passengers, lengthened the service or created other safety or service concerns. All perspectives are helpful in assessing the impact of the change. 

The Reports and Feedback Forms section of the website is located in the Members only area of the website (a nonpublic area).To access this area you will need to use your login and password.  If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by accessing the Login Problems section of the MEC Website. 

Note: only active Flight Attendants can access the Members only section of the website.

For more information on the Marginal Service Report please visit our 
website or contact your Local Council.

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