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Verifying Reserve Assignments

Date: February 9, 2019

Verifying Reserve Assignments 
MEC Reserve Committee

Reserve Flight Attendants are strongly encouraged to directly access CCS using a web browser when checking their Master Schedule and/or when ascertaining their next-day assignment after 1930 HDT.

As a reminder, if you have not acknowledged your next-day assignment between 1930 and 2400 HDT, scheduling is not obligated to contact you, and you are still responsible for the assignment. 

NOTE: Flight Attendants experiencing issues with the functionality of a third-party app should contact the individual outside vendor with any questions pertaining to their app’s current operating issues.  When using a third party app to confirm your assignment, you are exclusively responsible in confirming and acknowledging your next day assignment.  Keep in mind, if the app malfunctions or you are provided inaccurate information from the app, any missed trip is your responsibility.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

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