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Reserve Move-Up Line Notifications

Date: March 1, 2019

MEC Reserve Committee

There has been some recent confusion regarding the types of notification Flight Attendants will receive when they have been moved up into a line of flying from Reserve status. As detailed in the JCBA Reserve Guide Updates Supplement (9/21/18 Version), when awarded a Move-Up line, Flight Attendants will be notified by the FAST team in one of three ways:


1.     Via CCS

2.     Help Hub E-mail to your United (corporate) e-mail address

3.     Via Telephone


The following is a review of the various methods:


1.     You may be notified that a Reserve Move-up line has been constructed for you via a CCS message from the FAST team.


2.     You may be notified by telephone that a Move-up line has been constructed for you.


3.     Flight Attendants who have been awarded a Move-Up line may also be notified by a corporate e-mail that is generated via Help Hub.  Help Hub is accessed via the Employee Services Tab >> Help Hub (under HR tools.)



Additionally, you may check Help Hub for a message. In the upper right-hand corner of the Help Hub page to the left of the Flight Attendant’s name is My Action Items. When a Move-Up line has been built, a badge will appear here with a number to indicate there is a new item that requires attention. Any new Help Hub notification will create a badge with a number on it.
Click on the badge to see all of your action items and to determine if there is a Move-Up notification from the drop-down list.


Once the notification is opened, the Flight Attendant may click “Accept” to acknowledge receipt of the Move-Up notification.



Additionally, Flight Attendants who are awarded a Move-Up line that has a trip the day after the Move-up line is built, will be sent not only a CCS priority message but they will receive a telephone call and Help Hub advisement.


In both cases, if after having been awarded the move up line, the FAST can see the Flight Attendant has begun trading trips in their move up line, the company is taking the position that the Flight Attendant is obviously aware of her/his move up line and will cease efforts to notify the Flight Attendant.


It is important to recognize that the work of building move up lines continues during the overnight hours.  Calls to advise move up lines have been built will only be made during regular business hours home domicile time. 


If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

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