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COBUS Flight Attendants Performing Traditional Flight Attendant Work

Date: March 12, 2019

COBUS Flight Attendants Performing Traditional Flight Attendant Work

The issue of COBUS Flight Attendants working on Company Business assignments performing Flight Attendant specific duties continues to be source of constant friction. In accordance with SCOPE only working Flight Attendants should be performing duties on board the aircraft, that is, work traditionally performed by Flight Attendants. COBUS Flight Attendants who are interested in doing Flight Attendant work have the ability to do so by working a flight assignment.  If a Flight Attendant is late arriving, that’s the work of a standby Reserve – to perform boarding duties.  In other instances, the company is assigning COBUS Flight Attendants to assist with boarding duties on the aircraft.  If the company believes these personnel are necessary, why aren’t they staffing these Flight Attendants on the airplane?

AFA continues to advocate that Flight Attendants on Company Business should NOT be performing the work that has historically been consistent with that of a working Flight Attendant.

In situations where there is a last-minute addition to the working crew or the late arrival of a crew member remember you are to follow your FARs. Ensure that you are given the time to complete your safety checks and brief with your crew prior to door closure. We are safety professionals and the first responders. It is a FAR that we verify we have all the required items and complete safety checks before the door is closed.

How do you handle a SCOPE Violation on your working flight? Calmly and clearly advise anyone other than working Flight Attendants attempting to perform these duties that they are in violation of our Contract and ask them to stop. Reassure the COBUS Flight Attendants you have a plan, as a working crew, to complete all of the required work in an orderly fashion and ask them to stop impeding the completion of your duties. Remind all crew members they should file a Local Council Worksheet to help us track the incidents. If there is a safety or security related issue, file an IOR and ensure that a copy is provided to AFA. Only together can we ensure the enforcement of our contract, protect our jobs and ensure the proper staffing is onboard the aircraft.

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