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ET302 Update

Date: March 12, 2019

ET302 Update

Over the course of the past few days, your MEC Officers have been closely monitoring the accident involving ET302 as well as the responses from around the world.  We have been in frequent contact with our AFA International Office where our staff and AFA International Officers have been in touch with the various regulatory agencies to not only learn about potential findings but to maintain our focus on the appropriate investigative measures that must be taken to ensure continued public confidence in our aviation industry and the safety of passengers and our Members. We have also been in contact with senior management at United to ensure they are aware we are monitoring the accident and investigative process.  Additionally, we’ve also consulted with ALPA to get a better understanding of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and its technology. 

It is understandable that as time passes and in the absence of information on Sunday’s accident, more questions than answers arise.  Be assured, we will continue to monitor the investigation process and remain in frequent contact with United management and we will respond appropriately as circumstances change.  We will continue to work collaboratively with management to care for Flight Attendants and will address issues as they arise.

If you have concerns or just need to talk, contact either your Local Council office or EAP/Professional Standards at 800 424 2406.

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