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Revised India Sequences Adding Germany Stops – Section 7.Q. Applies

Date: March 15, 2019

Revised India Sequences Adding Germany Stops – Section 7.Q. Applies
MEC Officers

As we are aware, the company has been required to change the flight plan for the flights from India (DEL & BOM) as a result of restrictions to the airspace through which our flights are normally routed.   As a result, the daily four (4) day flying sequences have been modified to a five (5) day sequences to include stops in Germany to facilitate crew changes.  Appropriately, management advised the MEC Office that these reassignments would be taking place consistent with the terms of the Contract.

Reassignments to Revised (5) day India Sequence requires Flight Attendant Concurrence

Based on the reassignment language in our JCBA, Section 7.Q.4, Flight Attendants assigned the four (4) day pairing may not be reassigned to the revised five (5) day pairing without their concurrence.  In an effort to satisfy this requirement and obtain the concurrence of the Flight Attendants assigned the original four (4) day sequences, Crew Scheduling personnel contacted each of the affected Flight Attendants and offered one of the following options:

·       Replace the four (4) day sequence with reassignment into the five (5) day sequence with the Flight Attendant’s concurrence.  Some of those reassigned were incorrectly advised they were not eligible for ROD and the 150% of the block hours on the fifth day.

·       Decline to be assigned into days off and be assigned RX days on each of the four days of the original four-day pairing.  In this case, the Flight Attendant is eligible for reassignment to alternate flying that complies with the JCBA.

Five Day (5) Pairing Conflicts with Next Scheduled Pairing on Flight Attendant’s Line

If the five-day pairing conflicted with subsequent flying on the Flight Attendant’s line, the five (5) day pairing was not an option that was offered by management nor is there a requirement for management to reassign Flight Attendants to flying that makes a Flight Attendant illegal (ineligible) for a subsequent pairing when the revised flying sequence is known prior to departure.

When accepting the five day reassignment, as set forth in Section 7.Q.4. of the Contract, Flight Attendants are eligible for restoration of days off, ROD, and 150% pay for the block hours on the fifth day (day off) of the revised five (5) day pairing.

Contractual Entitlement when Picking up Revised (5-day India Pairing) Flying Sequence from Open Time/ Advertisements

While the majority of those assigned the original pairing accepted the five day reassignment, some elected not to do so.  Those revised five (5) day pairings ended up in open time and were either picked up or traded into by other Flight Attendants.  Some of the Flight Attendants who picked up or traded into the revised five day pairing(s) have incorrectly asserted they are entitled to the ROD and the 150% pay for the block hours on the fifth day (day off) as provided for in Section 7.Q.4.  To the extent that a revised pairing has been picked up or traded into from open time, she/he picking up the five-day pairing are not eligible for the ROD and 150% payment for the block hours.

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